Steemit has allowed in idiocy.

in steemit •  2 years ago

The delusion.

Judging by all the trump supporters and the so many that think evolution is a myth here that steemit is indeed going down the shitter just like america. Since when did crypto become a republican idiology? the world is going insane. I bet the Rothschilds are fucking loving this shit right now. All people who think this is in some way a good thing knows literally fuck all about the world we live and the powers that pull the strings. Trump will do what he is told to become even richer. He wishes he had 10% the rothschilds wealth.

Tell me how i am wrong? look on the trending page. I remember when crypto was all about shifting conscience. Same old shit different day. The world is going mad. 40% of americans believe evolution is a myth while 25-30% believe the bible literally (the earth is 3500 years old and that adam and eve was what happened) Tell me how the planet is not being dumbed down. Trump or hillary, hillary would have been business as normal. Trump will be business business and more business. it goes Banks > corporations bare that in mind. Trump is No2 when it comes to the owners of the central banking systems.

You are deluded and i have no idea how we went from the mind set when steemit came to be to this nonsense. Have we forgotten the huge corruption that exists? do you really think that trump will stop that? he will be right on the gravy train like the rest. He is republican backed for fuck sake. You have no fucking idea. Hillary is equally shit. That doesn't stop the fact trump is fucking garbage and people on here are talking like hes going to help america and the world. He does not give a fucking shit about any one. DELUDED.

This used to be a hub for intelligence and that is clearly changing. Posting stupid shit is one thing. Now it is actually trending. Ask these people their views on evolution and faith and you will see nothing but sheep. Baah bahh fucking bahhh the bible says bahhh. :)

Steemit represented freedom and fuck the central bank. Now all of a sudden trumps great and america will be "great again" yeh because trump will get rid of the corruption and mass bombing all over the world. Not to mention go againts the fucking central banks.

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That's funny. I'm going to start using that saying from now on.


its the snickers advert in the UK. ^^


I seen the commercials, just funny to read it.

evolution is a myth?
I hadn't heard that.

@egjoshslim, I just bought your SteemIt account on Cryptopia, can you please get in touch to finalise the transaction?

Thank you!