What is Steemit reputation, and how does it work?

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A lot of users are confused about what reputation is, how it's computed, how it changes, which effect it has on what, ...

I compiled here all the information I found about reputation, and I'll try my best to make it easier for everyone to understand how it works on Steemit.

What is reputation?

The reputation system is part of the data that enables the network to communicate the "trust-worthiness" of each member given in the network.
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What's the need for a reputation in Steemit?

The reputation plays two roles here in Steemit.

  1. It is a tool that shows how trusted and appreciated you are by the community.

  2. It is a tool that prevent users with a low reputation from harming other users.

How it works:

Reputation points are calculated using the mathematical function log base 10. Below is a representation of this function.
images (5).jpeg
From the graph above, you can see that it's easier to raise your reputation in the beginning. It becomes harder as your reputation grows higher. In fact each time you want to raise your reputation by 1 point, it is 10-times harder. E.g a reputation increase from 59-60, is 10 times harder than a reputation increase from 58-59.

Thus the effect of a reputation of 60, is 10-times greater than that of 59. Same for a negative reputation. A reputation of -20, is 10 times weaker than a reputation of -19.

Thus this explains why people with a low reputation cannot harm the reputation of someone with a high reputation.

How to raise your reputation:

I think there is only one way to raise your reputation. Which is by getting your post upvoted by people with a positive reputation, or even better, a high steem power.

To achieve this:

  • Publish quality posts. Don't place your focus on quantity, it's about quality!
  • Take part in discussions i.e. Comment in other people's blog, as you can get some upvotes or even followers by doing that.
  • Vote carefully (do not vote for trash posts, vote for appropriate content and authors)
  • Increase your number of followers.


Reputation in Steemit, isn't any different from reputation in reality. Having a high reputation takes time and require hardwork. You can spend a 100 years, building your reputation but it takes just 5 minutes to ruin it down. Then it becomes even harder to rebuild.

So to build your reputation. Create quality contents and always engage constructively on others blogs.

Thanks for reading my idea of reputation ☺️👍.
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Thanks, that clears things up quite a bit. Hmnnn.... now I'll have to check your reputation before I vote. Kidding, just kidding. But doesn't this system discourage one from voting for a little fishy with a reputation of 25?

No it doesn't. We need to upvote them, besides we all started from where they are.

Although the system was designed to determine trustworthiness, but that isn't the case anymore. As people who aren't worthy of the community's trust do use voting bots to boost their reputation. So place your vote on the basis of contents you find interesting, rather than reputation because rep score can be manipulated.

Shouldn't bots be banned then?

To be sincere I do fancy resteem bots, because they help expose your post to many eyes. But the upvotes bot have changed the mission of steemit, from a social platform for sharing ideas, to a platform made just for earning money.

People now use voting bots and earn from their shits. I would have loved it if these bots were banned, but it seems technically impossible. That's why they exist.

Here's something equally as impossible:

  • Internet providers should ban spam. No one should ever send another junk email , no one should ever spam people's post ever again.
    (Also technically impossible)

  • Steemit should ban human greed. Stop people from taking too much from the reward pool and share the funds a little more equally.
    (Also technically impossible)

I just read an interview from @teamsteam who has been here since May '16. He uses voting bots and declares "everyone should use them". Well, so it goes, and so do I. Thanks for the comparisons to spam and greed. Makes sense.

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