More and more days the Steemit users are decreasing

in steemit •  7 months ago

Hello friends steemian?

How are you today?
I see more and more days making fewer posts on Steemit. Why with all of you? What happens to Steemit's social mode? In my heart I still ask all Steemit users.


What is the cause so many people have stopped playing Steemit?
I see, many seniors who used to be active in Steemit and are now rarely active. What causes them to be rarely active?
Can anyone explain that? Because I am still curious and confused about the changes that have occurred over the past few months.


When I first joined social media called Steemit, in one day I saw thousands of posts coming out of the feed or friends I followed. But now there are only hundreds of posts.
Has there been any other social media that has become Steemit's rival?
For friends who know it, please help explain a little so that I understand more and understand the changes that have occurred since a few months.
Thank you for your comments.
Greetings @edy90

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It’s all because the price of STEEM continues to fall. People are less inclined to blog because their rewards are worth less.

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Thanks for the comments. Congratulations and success

i still use Steem i like DTube, but its not what it is meant, i been posting since February and i barely make a few cents on my posts, i try so hard to help others on here, and support, but no one supports me
what is wrong with STeemit?