Do I write in English or in Croatian?

in steemit •  last year

Hi people!
If u want i can write some of my posts on english, to people who dont understand croatian, and want to know something about me!
Just comment or vote, and i will write my post on english!


Thanks all for support!

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English language = much larger audience = more potential upvotes.


Yes, I agree with you! At least until steemit separates members by language

English would work best for you as more people understand English. One other thing you can think about as well is publish two of the same posts, one in English and the other in Croatian.


I'm interested. Can she use the same picture if she writes in different languages? Or it is counted as duplicate content?

Yes, u shuold write some posts in english...for me :-)

nice post... check my post me :D

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