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Financial systems are very important to both countries and individuals. These systems consist all financial markets, institutions and instruments. In these systems, there is a flow of funds from those who have leftovers to those who have shortages, either by direct means or by indirect means. By direct means, we simply refer to market-based financing and by indirect means, we refer to bank-based financing. The finance for the economy is so important that in 1858, the former British Prime Minister William Gladstone uttered its importance as:
“Finance is, as it were, the stomach of the country, from which all the other organs take their tone.”
From this, one can conclude that financial systems are not important to countries alone, but to individuals as well as said earlier. In a world in which technology forms a major part of, the instrument aspect of financial systems received a boost when blockchain was introduced, leading to the birth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.
With the birth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, investors have shown a lot of interest in cryptocurrency and since blockchain technology makes individuals their own banks, reduces the cost of transfers, makes transfers faster, connects a lot of investors easily, etc., A gateway to a global financial market has been created; Ethic Hub.
Ethic Hub is an investment platform that grants investors access to profitable farmers around the globe, by offering wide portfolios of highly profitable investment opportunities through the use of risk ratings in a secured and transparent manner. Ethic Hub’s prime targets are farmers in developing countries. It is also a loaning platform that enables borrowers to be granted lower rate loans. Using cryptocurrency, Ethic Hub ensures that borrowing and paying back of loans is done on a global scale with no interferences by regulatory barriers. To know more about Ethic Hub, visit
Ethic Hub has so many goals amongst which are:
• Providing access to credit for the agricultural sector.
• Providing only positive impact or highly profitable projects to investors.
• Providing a means for direct interactions between investors and borrowers.
• Charging fee if and only if a provided case is successful.
• Providing a guarantee fund to protect investors.
The projects made available by Ethic Hub have many elements.
The most important of these elements are its people. People in Ethic Hub consist borrowers, buyers, local node, lenders, agents inclined towards providing insurance services to investors and staff of LendingDev.
Another element is a detailed explanation of how the Ethic Hub platform works and this is shown in the figures below:



Analysis of the loan’s life cycle is another element of Epic Hub’s projects. Visit to read more about Ethic Hub’s project elements.
Ethic Hub uses blockchain technology as said earlier and the creators decided to start the project on Etherium due to the reasons that Etherium has a large developer community, Etherium is perfectly in sync with Ethic Hub’s ideology and also, Etherium blockchain is undergoing massive improvement to make the volume of transactions on the platform better.
Below are links to various channels containing lots of information about Ethic Hub:

  1. Web:
  2. Telegram groups : ESP – , ENG –
  3. Twitter:
  4. Facebook:
  5. YouTube:

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