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I have decided to publish my mini-guides as individual posts so that they can be referenced later. I generally post things like this in comments for my friends. This guide was originally written for my friend @mrfunkymonk.



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I personally use < tags >, not to be confused with #tags, which are like secret codes so it looks like what you want. Tags go inside < these symbols > , without the spaces.

I'll use spaces here so you can see them, tags disappear when used properly, they just do their jobs!

< br >
This guy adds extra line breaks! He doesn't have to be 'closed' like other tags, use him and forget him.

< center > and < /center >
These guys will center anything in between them! The tag with a / says, 'stop here'; this is called 'closing the tag'.

Here's an example I use frequently to separate sections:

< br >
< center > -------------------------------< /center >
< br >

Now the bonus tag!

The anchor tag can be used, among a few other things, to add a link to an image! When the image is clicked, it activates the anchor link.

< a href='' >
Image code
< /a >

Remember to remove the spaces so they dissapear and do their job ;p


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