Feature Request : NEW FOLLOWERS FEED.

in #steemit7 years ago

I don't know about you guys, but I honestly believe STEEMIT will be helped with a feature of "NEW FOLLOWERS" feed.

love followers.jpg

A bit like, "NEW REPLIES" and "NEW COMMENTS" feeds, where you can easily find all your new followers, check them out and maybe follow back?

This way, Steemians can have more interactions and would be a bit more of a community.

Just thinking out loud here.



OK nice idea but you already have the ability to see your list of followers or who you are following. I go through the home posts, new, hot and trending and upvote here and there with whatever catches my eye or what i like or am interested in. I then look at the who I'm following list abd upvote a post or two there, then I go to the followers list as this happens to be the longest, and start upvoting there. It's both a duty (we must be good curators) and my pleasure as I learn a lot, get some lovely replies and incidentally earn by doing this. What could be better?

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