Wellington and York Partners: Travel Services for your Trip to Switzerland

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Travelling to Switzerland may not be as easy as it seems, especially for first-timers. It is not as popular as other countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The city of Zurich is a nice place to visit for lovers of luxury Swiss items.

For tourists, it is recommended to search for trusted travel services that could help in trip planning. Travel agencies offer their services to provide a hassle-free planning and completion of the itinerary, may it be for a trip to Switzerland or any other countries.

For a worry-free travel, some travel agencies offer a tour package for tourists so it would be easier to take a trip to various places in Switzerland. The tourists who are planning to travel on between cities, there is an impeccable transit system in Zurich which include boats, trains, and cable cars. These transportation systems allow the locals and tourists to go around different areas they want to go to.

For tourists who just want to explore the Zurich on their own, getting a Swiss Travel Pass can be used in intra-city transportation such as city buses. The pass covers unlimited travel throughout the bus, rail, as well as the boat Swiss Travel System network. It also gives a 50 percent discount on most cable cars and mountain railways. It is a good way to save money on your travel because it also provides free entrance to 500 museums and exhibitions.

Travelling to Switzerland

Before the trip, it is better to check out the travel review on the beautiful tourist spots in Switzerland. The Lausanne and Zurich are the famous spots in the country for tourists. These areas get crowded with tourists in the peak season. For adventure-seekers, it is better to get off the beaten path and try to visit other lesser-known towns of Solothurn, Biel, and Thun in the summer.

Switzerland has its own currency called the Swiss Franc (CHF). The country is not part of the European Union even though it is surrounded by European countries. Before reaching Zurich, it is better to take out a small amount of cash. The money can be used for emergencies, as well as a way to pay for local shops and street vendors. Not all establishments in the country have a credit card payment system. Only major companies and luxury Swiss brands have this type of payment method. Buying an ice-cream in small local shops and other products from street vendors are usually cash basis only. Also, take note that some places in Switzerland will accept Euros if there is no Swiss Franc available. However, they will likely give the change in Swiss currency if you pay in Euros.

Source: http://www.wytravelguide.com

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