'Relative' Lack of Politics & Religion Here at STEEMIT so far... Preference POLL

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Nothing against either Politics or ANY Religion, however, they both tend to stir up controversy.

Perhaps the majority of early adopter STEEMITans know how to go forth in the world not irritate their fellow readers by trying to push their flavor of either of the aforementioned. Of course, this will be reveal itself via upvotes on a case by case basis. Just interesting to know the general sentiment of the current user base.

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at 21 hours in it was a tie

Steemit is a platform where free speech is to be available to all.

With this in mind, let's all be as DECENT as possible with one another about how we go about future discussions.

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There have definitely been politics and religion here. A couple of weeks ago there were a few talking about both at the same time. One person talked about how they gave up their faith, then their father wrote a response about how they never would. Politics might not get spoken about a LOT because there are already a number of people who have made mention they were anarchists, so there isn't much need to bring it up.

I should reword the title to reflect this - thank you for the insight - I searched and saw a bit of both, but have not noticed much in the last week or so...

I think when the user base grows those things will become more common. This is a small portion of the internet users that are on Steemit and I think this group tends to have different perspectives and interests than the common person who is on Facebook or ESPN.com or CNN.com. The average person on those sites has no interest in crypto-currency which is why a lot of us are even aware of Steemit.

Very good points. When the Recommendations start flowing via those we Follow should be a good experience - fingers crossed

Any Topic should find a place on this platform. I go with the Motto: the more controversial the better :) No worries, I will post about both Topics ;)

I'm very glad :-) There are enough posts about other bullshit already ;-)

Yeah more to come no doubt! Just nice not seeing stuff crammed down your throat like FB does.