Failure To Launch?

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So we've all been patiently awaiting this new platform, but it seems someone overslept (at the time of writing ~ 2:51 UTC).

Some sort of message would be nice to let people know when they might could check back as people will only a certain number of people will faithfully return to see what this is all about. I've check the source and don't see any Easter egg links. If you haven't heard of it perhaps check back later today to see if they've launched... or perhaps there are bigger fish to fry in the ETH kingdom.

Launch times are rather important and show the world who is behind a project. Seems a bit familiar all the sudden.

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I feel your pain. As soon as something gets any traction a million clones appear.

guess there a lot bigger fish to fry at the moment - this bitfinex hack is the last one I'm ready to deal with... last event there was on the 27th...

Can't be sure of anything these days, particularly not crypto. Bitfinex is a huge exchange. It won't be good for the BTC price if this goes on much longer and it does seem like this was something serious. I just hope it is not enough to cause a Gox like failure.

deadlines are a bitc#... still like to see what they come up with - Steemit sort of remindss me of HTML in '96 and ethereal cloud all about the frilly bits... down to the name 'ethereal'.

eagerly awaiting as well

had my own personal fail as the link I posted wasn't complete - now working

What is it? I've not even heard of it before.

Well if it comes online, a new social media platform some how associated or running with the Ethereum chain

Lol another one? We already have Akasha that is ethereum based isn't it, not to mention non-ethereum competitors like (obviously) Steemit and Synereo? Is this going to be the year of the Social Media Coin Clones?

looks like there have been some changes at "The fact that you are seeing this page indicates that the website you just visited is either experiencing problems or is undergoing routine maintenance."

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