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RE: Steemit, Inc. brand and logo are intellectual property that are protected by law. DO NOT USE THEM.

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Does this mean any existing banners that say STEEMIT we can now be sued for if we continue to use them with the old symbol if the name STEEMIT is in them?

If so, I have some art to rework.


Steemit is a registered brand. I would remove the "it" if you can, and just reference STEEM as the blockchain on that artwork.

While they did not protect their brand prior to the new logo, I suspect they will start actively pursue it once it becomes profitable for them to do so..

People can use whatever they want. "IF" they learn a different perspective of reality and law. Especially Common Law. Common Law does not recognize intellectual property.

"The general rule of law is, that the noblest of human productions—knowledge, truths ascertained, conceptions, and ideas—become, after voluntary communication to others, as free as the air to common use."

"The law of intellectual property is commonly understood as providing an incentive to authors and inventors to produce works for the benefit of the public by regulating the public's use of such works in order to ensure that authors and inventors are compensated for their efforts"

Common Law does not recognize intellectual property. your opinion, or expertise, do you know of which courts would recognize steemit's logo, brand, and other intellectual property if they weren't common law courts?

It's peoples individual responsibility to understand the deception that goes on in court to fully protect themselves. I'm not providing legal advice. I'm just presenting a perspective of reality that is not commonly known.

in that same article I just shared with you...

"Congress derives its power to regulate patents and copyrights from the "intellectual property clause" of the Constitution."

Well when one studies the constitution, real history not school taught, law / legalese, U.S., The Republic of America and more they sometimes end up where I did...

What I shared in my article discussing what Tom Hanks said about history..

The evidence of all this means that the constitution's enduring strength is that it complements the Declaration of Independence. What the Declaration did, was provide the philosophical basis for a government that exercises legitimate power by "the consent of the governed". So society has accepted it by choice, force, and or both. Thinking the assumption and claim of authority by the State is valid. Ultimately showing whatever perception the people in society accept is reality for the rest.

U.S. is a corporation not a country. It actually doesn't have jurisdiction outside of District of Columbia.

In court they charge peoples corporate name and account. Not the natural person. I will be trying to show sources and explain in my next article more in depth of how and why this exists. It's a continuation of what I been sharing. Pretty much all anyone will need to know of where to start looking, finding, understanding if interested.

Took me years to understand and put things into perspective. Start to conceptualize properly. Just trying to make it as easy I can for people interested now. I know it's a lot of work with all the misdirection's out there.

Cool, same thing I said. Didn't read until now! I'll be following you & nice to meet you!


The Steemit brand and logo are protected by intellectual property laws, including copyright and other proprietary rights of the United States and foreign countries.

The US is not a country. It's a company. Trump didn't vow on the united states of america but on the US corporation, district of Collumbia.

I thought you might want to know. This is an important distinction, one that even Alex Jones doesn't talk about. And I wonder why. I know this because I actually studied the law and tested this fractional reserve banking. We are free but we are all fooled by this legal system. It's rather amazing really. Look up the peace time flag for example, admirality law... etc.

I think the main reason for this is the scammer problem. People lure members from the Steemit community to a different website that looks and feels like Steemit, to get their passwords.

With the legalities in place, Steemit can finally do something about this.

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