Sudan is Dead!

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My heart is broken, I love animals and to think that there are people who hunt down and kill animals not for their meat but for superfluous things like ornaments or trophies or even fake medicinal use that has never been proven to work. Sudan, the last male Northern rhino died yesterday at the age of 45 years at Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy in my country Kenya.
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Although he died of natural causes, Sudan had to have protection 24hrs a day and the warders bonded with him to the point of his being almost domesticated. He was a gentle giant and all he did was graze and sleep until his death. He died a happy rhino and that at least soothes my heart.
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Sudan was the last of his kind but had one daughter and a grand daughter who is a sub breed and still too young to be bred and even if she were old enough, they obviously can't be bred by their own father or grandfather. Luckily they managed to get some sort of chromosome from him that gives hope for another northern white rhino to be bred genetically in future though it will have to either be a sub breed or have a surrogate.

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He was even put up on tinder sometime last year as the last 'bachelor" of his kind to bring awareness of how much poaching is affecting this breed of animals. Elephants will be next, then lions, then cheetahs, then we will have nothing to show our grandkids. Trump recently signed a bill that allows for animal parts to be allowed to the States, his sons are trophy hunters so no surprise there! Why would anyone call trophy hunting a sport, hunting down an animal that is unaware of your presence, for no reason than to take pictures with it? who find pleasure in such things? It baffles me, it really does!
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Here are the idiots again
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If the locals who are mostly uneducated pastrolists from the maasai community are able to understand the need for preserving these animals, why would an educated person not get it. Stay away from our animals!
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Rhinos have a very long gestation period of up to 16 - 18 months. That's one and a half years!!! And even after giving birth, the female will take at least 2.5years for her to be ready to mate again. She will give birth to only one baby at a time, so we now understand why they are so rare. I have had the pleasure of seeing and actually touching another beloved rhino at an orphanage here in Kenya and he's called Dubai, another gentle giant. This was ten years ago! I was there again last year and he is still going strong...

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Even if you don't really like or see the need for animals, for the longest time I wondered why sea urchins exist but realized they are a food source for some, besides we are not the only one's that the earth was designed for. I once tried watching a video on how they 'gather' fur from animals and couldn't bring myself to watch even 30 seconds of it. IT IS CRUEL! IT IS WRONG! DON'T WEAR REAL FUR! DON'T WEAR OR USE ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES AN ANIMAL TO BE TORTURED!

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Rest in peace Sudan!


Rest in peace Sudan! It saddens me that people have sat quietly to watch a whole species disappear.

Really sad and the fact that they kill these animals for very trivial reasons actually annoys me

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