Curators dilemma: Is it good vs Is it going to make it to the top

in steemit •  2 years ago

When money is in between and I'm part of a crowd, I'm tempted to go with the crowd.
I feel that we sometimes under-appreciate our neighbors, our teammates.

All of us at steemit work together towards making this place awesome. So lets make it awesome!
We all have to realize that it is our responsibility as curators to guide this ship. And not as a director, but as a good wave that moves towards good content.

Let's not think that everybody is dumb and play the dumb game, let's move good content upwards even though they might not have a chance, cause we always have a chance. And we as a community are the ones that create chance, we create possibility, we create opportunity.

We have the power to make this good, or to drive it towards nonsense or stupidity,. So let's be responsible.

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This is a fundamental flaw in the curation system. Imagine you are going to back a horse in a race, and the favourite, who won it's last 5 races, has the same long odds as the outsiders... You're gonna vote for the favourite every time. Something needs to be tweaked to encourage more sincere voting.