Did you ever combine a sweet potato with avocado in one meal?

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Sweet potato and avocado, vegetable and fruit, combination of orange-green, energetic connection, that's what I call it. On my channel you will find a movie with this meal a link to the movie (about this meal I say,and shows in the third minute of the movie and 48 seconds)link

If you want see my YouTube channel invite you @kitty&g link https://www.youtube.com/user/kasmic26
Going back to our magic connection

Have you tried this composition? Orange sweet potato, with a delicious sweet aftertaste. There are many varieties and colors of sweet potato. I am best known for the orange variety, it has a lot of beta-carotene, which protects against cancer, but what I like the most is its sweetish aftertaste. I've always been looking for a nice combination of sweetness and spices because I like the combination the best.
One day, my hands painted avocado paste and combined it with sweet baked sweet potato. My experiment picturesquely flavored, exactly like this:
• One sweet potato (bake in the oven for 20 minutes). Before baking, peeled and cut into pieces sweet potato is lightly coated in coconut oil (not refined) and bake about 12-14 minutes. Piekę in Tefal Actifry 2 in 1, a great option for quick baking, vegetables, meat, fish, it works without objections from me for 3 years - I recommend
Pasta with avocado:
• I cut the avocado (it would be good if it was soft and ripe), I will add fresh cucumber to the taste, salt, pepper and chillies, mix to mass, I do not use the blender, because I do not like pasties, I like ingredients, for example pieces of cucumber.
Baked sweet potato we put on a plate and spread a spicy mass of avocado on top of baked pieces of sweet potato. Try the delicious connections, a delicious spicy sweet combination ... yummy


A simple magical energizing meal. The sweetness of vegetables combined with avocado fruit and its soft and spicy mass and freshness of cucumber. For me poetry, TASTY it and enjoy the taste, I love it :)Please write if you try such a connection, have a nice day or evening, regardless of the time you watch my post. Love You @dumboandgimbo

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I'm having sweet potato + avocado for lunch today. I will send a pic later today :) love it!


really ,so cool:)))I am very interesting your lunch:) ,great ,it's really great to know that you also love it ,yummy bon appeti to you :)))




Tu batat był zapiekany w mundurkach ,jak widzę:) a sos do awokado pikantny?Risotto i chyba widzę ciecierzycę ostatnio też pisałam o sałatce z ciecierzycą ,a to zielone? szpinak ,czy sałaty? :)wygląda przepysznie !!!!:))))