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Understanding of Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are herbivorous insects from the order Caelifera in the order Orthoptera. To distinguish them from cricket bushes or katydids, they are sometimes called short horned grasshoppers.

Species that change color and behavior at high population densities are called grasshoppers. A grasshopper is an amazing insect that can jump 20 times its own length. If you or I can do that, we will be able to jump nearly 40 meters! A grasshopper doesn't really 'jump'. What they do is use their feet as slingshots. Grasshoppers can jump and fly well and they can reach speeds of 8 miles per hour while flying. There are about 18,000 different species of grasshoppers.


Characteristics of grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are a medium for large insects. Adult length is 1 to 7 cm, depending on species. Like their brothers 'katydids' and 'crickets', they have chewed their mouths, two pairs of wings, a narrow and difficult one, broad and flexible hind legs, and another length to jump. They differ from these groups in having short antennas that do not reach very far back on their bodies.

Grasshoppers usually have large, colored eyes to blend into their environment, usually a combination of brown, gray or green. In some species males have bright colors on the wings that they use to attract females. Some species eat poisonous plants, and keep toxins in their bodies for protection. They are brightly colored to warn predators that they taste bad. Female grasshoppers are larger than males and have sharp points at the end of their existing stomach to help them lay their eggs underground. Grasshopper Men sometimes have a special structure for their wings that they rub their hind legs or rub together to make sounds. Grasshoppers can be found almost everywhere in the world, except for cold regions near the North and South poles.


Grasshopper type

There are two main grasshopper groups:
Grasshoppers are divided according to the length of their antenna (antenna), which is also called horn. Horned short grasshoppers are usually called "grasshoppers".

Habitat grasshopper

Grasshoppers live in fields, grasslands and almost anywhere they can find large amounts of food to eat. A grasshopper has a hard shell and an adult full grasshopper is about one and a half inches, which is so small you will not think they will eat much - but you will be so wrong - they eat lots and lots - an average grasshopper can eat 16 set the weight own.

Grasshopper favorite food is grass, leaves and cereal crops. One particular grasshopper - grasshopper Shorthorn only eats plants, but it can go berserk and eat every visible plant - making you walk where they put it all.
Grasshopper behavior


Grasshoppers are most active during the day, but also eat at night. They don't have nests or territories and some species continue to migrate long to find new food supplies.

Most species are solitary and only gather to mate, but migratory species sometimes gather in large groups of millions or even billions of people. When grasshoppers are taken, they "spit" the liquid chocolate known as "tobacco juice".

Aman Understanding of the Grasshopper

Some scientists believe that this liquid can protect from locust attacks by insects such as ants and other predators - they spit ‘liquid on them then fling and fly quickly.

Grasshoppers also try to escape from their enemies hiding in the grass or between leaves. If you've ever tried to catch grasshoppers in the field, you know how fast they can disappear by dropping into tall grass.

Grasshopper Predator

Grasshoppers of large enemies include various types of flies that lay eggs on or near grasshopper eggs. After the eggs hatch flies, newborn flies eat grasshopper eggs. Some flies will even lay eggs on body grasshoppers, even when grasshoppers fly. Newborn flies then eat grasshoppers. Other locust enemies include beetles, birds, mice, snakes and spiders



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