Get your post the UPvote it deserves (Day 54 of 63)

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So... Do you feel your quality posts aren't getting the quality UPvote they deserve? Well here is your chance to change that!!!


Once again we would just like to thank @stephb, @nicredvlogs, @dewallenband, @travelingannika and @capetowngirl for their kind loans, we have put together quite a nice amount of Steem that we have used to buy delegated Steem Power from @minnowbooster to help us on our journey to curating excellence.

We will be looking through posts for great content that deserves a nice big 100% UPvote, how big do you ask? Well since a few minutes ago a 34,198.626 SP UPVOTE to be precise!!!

So to make sure you have a chance to get your well written articles the UPvote they deserve we will be giving three people the chance to win upvotes that post the links to their articles here. We will read through all the articles and reward the best three with an upvote. Please note that we will upvote your post with the same strength that you upvoted this post, so if you only want a 5% upvote then upvote ours 5% but if you'd like a 100% upvote then give our post a 100% vote as well and yes we can check your percentage ;)

This competition will be daily and will last for NINE!!! weeks as of 14 September 2017.

So here are the rules

1 - Follow our page @dse
2 - Give this post an Upvote
3 - To be fair you can only win an upvote every second day from the same account.
4 - No content older than 2 days will be considered for an UPvote
5 - Resteem this post (Winners get their posts resteemed as well)

We will never vote excessively as to keep our voting strength above 80% to be able to give quality posts, quality UPvotes.

Also please show some love to our sponsors @stephb, @nicredvlogs, @dewallenband, @travelingannika and @capetowngirl and check out what they are up to, if you like it then show them some love like they are showing you!!!

So what are you waiting for? Write those great articles and post them here for us to read!!!

Get Dirty, Stay Sexy



Hello dse, I'd be happy if you considered my fresh post about this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine:

Would appreciate you considering my post:
Thank you for all your support :)

a recent one of mine.
thanks for the support previously and for just for helping the community on its way forward.

Here is my most recent post. Thank u for this opportunity :)

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