Daddy needs your help!!!

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Unlike a real daddy I don't need money to feed my children but rather some Steem Power to help them on their Steemit journey ahead

So here is the story

I have been actively recruiting new Steemians, helping them set up there accounts and navigating the Steemit community. This has turned out to be a lot more time consuming task than I ever expected with the amount of feedback I have received and people I am currently mentoring.


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What I would really need to even help them more and also myself is some more Steem Power, so I am starting a new campaign after the "Free Upvote" campaign. I will be storing all the SBD I make until I hit 300 followers or 250 SBD or 65 Rep, which ever comes first. I will at that point then use all of the SBD I have accumulated to buy delegated Steem Power or just Steem Power of my own to further help grow and nurture not only my community of new Steemians I mentor, but also the rest of the new guys I interact with on the platform via channels like and Dischord.

So please help me get to this point so that I can help all of my little Steemians as they have made me such a proud Steem Daddy and I would love to help them grow into beautiful big Steemians so that they in turn can put out a helping hand to other new Steemians.

So if you are new to Steemit and need some help feel free to hit me up on, I am by no means an expert on all things Steemit but dealing with so many new Steemians I have acquired a great start up explanation for most of your questions. So if you feel what I'm doing is a vibe please resteem and let others know so we can coach all of the new Steemians to get the best out of this amazing platform and not be discouraged by small issue's that could be resolved by a friendly helping hand.

Steem ON!!!!

Get Dirty, Stay Sexy



I'm with you .. Good luck on your steemit journey !!

Aren't you glad I introduced you to steemit and the cryptoverse. Steem on little brother!

Yeah you know!!!

I like what you are doing to help others. Keep up the good work

I have been where you are right now, sad part is only 2 of the I invited stayed the rest all left.

Well lets hope it doesn't get to that, my group is standing on 8 so lets hope it keeps on growing with me!!!