What will the future bring for Steemit?

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I'm safe here right?

I mean - I know there's a lot wrong with Steemit (governance and all), but I really enjoy posting, and getting a few votes and comments, watching the prices rise (hopefully) or fall (boo!) over the 7 day period before payout.

I also enjoy having a little flutter on Minnowbooster, putting 1 or 2 SBD on an article to boost the payout a bit (and build Steem Power up a little less slowly than otherwise).

And I enjoy getting the regular SBD payout, even if it is only a few SBD (if that).

I can't be the only one, right? 'Cause a lot of people are still here, publishing.

Because Steemit is fun. It's a good community of good people.

Let's see what the future brings.

May all beings be happy.

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@drwom footer by the awesome @ryivhnn !!

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Yep, I just arrived back after a year off Steemit...........wow, what a different place! It's not quite the same!

I like your attitude

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Safe from what? 🙃

Everything is fine and if it’s not we can make it fine or at least make our own fine here 😄

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Hey @ryivhnn I should have answered that question myself. Yes - Steemit is a very safe place to communicate what's important to me :-)
And you're right we make our own fine here!

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