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RE: I have a verifiable source that steem is about to go to the moon!

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Buy the rumour, sell the news?
Thanks for this info (but weren't you asked to NOT share it?).... how does that work? (EDIT: I assume you kept it to yourself at first, and recently were given the go-ahead to share it?)
I'm also wondering why you believe the source that Steemit got sold to a Korean megacorporation, but disagree with him that this means the price will drop below $0.18?
After all, corporations often buy smaller startups in the same field so they can essentially use them for parts. Samsung might have bought Steemit to prevent it from becoming a competitor. FaceBook and eBay have been doing this to their rivals since the start.
EDIT: I've made a post about this topic myself to ask for more info/opinions.


It also seems odd that the three parties involved in this are doing the direct opposite of hodling

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exactly my thoughts...

Which 3 involved parties are dumping Steem right now? I'm aware of Ned, but who are the other 2?

Kaliju and haejin

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