How exercise improves your mind, life, and even your Steem power

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Since joining Steem I've spent a lot of time learning how to write better blog posts. There are SO MANY great ideas and suggestions on improving your writing skills and capturing your readers attention, including a handful of things I had never thought about. You have all helped me so much, and now I'd like to give back to you by discussing something amazing that few people are aware of. 

One of the more amazing discoveries thats begun to emerge over the past few years is the intricate and complex relationship between exercise and the mind. We all know that walking, running, and lifting weights are great for your body and health, but it turns out, that's only the beginning. 

Let me summarize a few of the ways that exercise can lead to killer blog posts that make it rain SP all over you:

- Improves memory

- Increases concentration and focus

- Heightens creativity

Lets list a few more ways exercise can lead to improvements in your personal and professional lives:

- Coping with stress more easily

- Enhanced willpower and control of behavior

- Information processing speed

- Improves cognitive flexibility

Not bad right? And the list goes on and on. Consistent aerobic exercise has even been shown to lead to the creation of new grey matter in your brain, prevent and reverse certain neurological disorders, and improve academic performance in high school and college students. 

Surprised? So was I. 

Tackling the complex interactions between exercise and the brain that actually lead to these improvements is just as fascinating, but much more in depth then what I've talked about so far. So unless you've been exercising consistently, you're attention span probably can't handle it anyway ;) So we'll leave that for another time... (if theres any interest).

To sum it up, exercise may be the single best thing you can do for your body AND your mind. 

How amazing is that?


Great post! going for a run soon. I hope it helps my writers' block.

I'm sure it will! It's my new strategy for writers block and/or lack of creativity.

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