Gratitude, Steem, and the power of paying it forward

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Today marks my 11 day anniversary on Steem. In that time I’ve seen posts from playboy playmates, complex discussions on game theory, and secret stories that have been hidden from the world. There are incredible minds posting thoughts and ideas on long term growth of the platform and community, and hundreds of posts every day that have fascinated me and captured my attention.

Then there is the other side of Steem...

The wide range of posts on giving up, not being noticed, and not making enough money, and I get it. Kind of.

This is only my 2nd post on Steem, so the jury is still out... but I netted just over $3 on my intro post and that was after it took me a week to write it. Who knew writers block could apply to describing yourself and your own life!? Shouldn’t that be the easiest thing ever?

I spent hours staring at my computer typing nothing at all. Then came the writing, rewriting, editing, and uploading pics. Should I resize the pics? What about a filter? No, fuck a filter. Do I check the auto upvote box, or do I wait 15 minutes and share half my curation reward with myself?

I mean seriously, I made about 10 cents per hour with that post... and yet it still felt amazing to me. Why is it that I walk by pennies, nickels, and dimes on a regular basis, but when I make the equivalent for a post on Steem I’m doing my touchdown dance and bragging to my girlfriend about what a boss I am??

Maybe it’s because I’m so new here and earn fractions of SP on votes, posts, and comments, or maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted my own blog and Steem gives me that outlet I’ve desired for so long. Whatever it is, I am truly grateful for this ridiculously awesome and amazing idea.

Studies have shown that gratitude increases willpower, morale, helps you stay calm, and literally changes your brain. Brain scans show the effects can be seen months later, and the more of an effort you make to feel gratitude, the more spontaneous it becomes in the future.

Sounds pretty good, right?

When I first learned about Bitcoin, I researched it for hours upon hours. I weighed my options, analyzed the markets, and finally made my move. You know that saying about not investing more than you can afford to lose? I totally ignored that. What is there to lose!? It was the spring of 2014 and China had just banned Bitcoin... again. It had just bottomed at $349 and everyone on Bitcointalk thought the 4 month bear market was over. Everywhere I looked people were talking about trains, moons, and CCMF. I had never bought a share of stock in anything, but I love numbers, researching, analyzing... I was made for this! Through rookie mistakes, greed, exchanges being hacked, and a huge lack of gratitude, I managed to turn a badass Bitcoin investment into a living nightmare. I’ll save the rest of that story for another post, in hopes that some can learn from my mistakes, but suffice it to say my mindset has changed greatly over the past few years in regards to the meaning of wealth, abundance, and gratitude.

So to everyone who has been frustrated, or upset with the lack of compensation for their efforts, I implore you to take a step back for a second. Posting great content is a logical way to contribute and make an impact, but there are others.

Some ideas for paying it forward, while dreaming up your next killer blog post:

1) Welcome new members! Give them an upvote, make them feel welcome, help their journey into Steem start off on the right foot.

2) Find interesting and creative posts and spend time commenting and sharing your opinions on them.

3) Log onto the Steemit chat and meet people, make friends, network! There are tons of channels for any and all interests, and a great mix of minnows, dolphins, and even whales.

I’ve told everyone in my office about Steem. I’ve told my parents, my girlfriend, and even my dog. I’ve helped people sign up that have never heard of a blockchain or a bitcoin, and wouldn’t know a steem dollar from monopoly money. Although my Bitcoin investment hasn’t been as rewarding as I’d hoped (yet), I’ve still decided to turn some into Steem Power and hang on for the ride.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes of all time, from the late Jim Valvano:

"Don't give up... don't ever give up."


Take my up vote!

I'm still a bit confused on how this curation thing works... Care to link me somewhere i can figure it out?


Thanks! The curation rewards have changed recently so most earlier posts on the topic are now incorrect. But basically if you upvote a thread when its still new, and it goes on to make a ton of money, you get a portion of that.

I think 25% of the payout of each post is given back to the curators. So the more the post makes the more potential profit for giving it an upvote. Also, the more steem power you have the more of the payout you get. So at first you dont get much, but over time it gets better and better.

Hey bud place the #payitforward just above the image in your post :)

Just updated it, thanks again.

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