1st Annual Steem Survivor League! All Steem Dollars raised from this post will go to the winners

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With the NFL season starting in less than 2 weeks, I'm excited to launch a friendly, and potentially lucrative competition between everyone on Steem:

The 1st Annual Steem Survivor League

Whether you follow the National Football League or not, this is a competition that anyone can win with minimal effort and a little luck.

If you're unfamiliar with how a survivor league works, this is what it boils down too:

  1. Pick one team each week you feel will win their matchup
  2. If the team you chose wins, you "survive" and advance to the next week
  3. Last person(s) standing wins

That's all there is too it.  The one catch is that you have to pick a different team each week, meaning you can't pick the same team twice.  This little twist adds an extra element of strategy and luck to the competition and makes things very interesting as the season progresses, and the choice of teams gets smaller.

Like I mentioned in the title, 100% of the Steem Dollars paid out from this post will go to the winners of the competition.  My initial proposal is to split it between the top 3 participants, with 50% going to 1st place, 30% going to 2nd place, and 20% going to 3rd place, but I'm open to other options and ideas if anyone would like to comment below.  A tiebreaker could be implemented as well if necessary.

All Steem Dollars will be transferred to @steemsurvivor after payout and held there throughout the competition for complete transparency.  An added bonus of using Steem Dollars is as an additional increase to the payout as it accrues interest over the next few months while we determine the winners.

I will also post a weekly update highlighting the winners and losers each week so everyone knows who survived and who is out.  

If you'd like to participate, please comment below. 

Depending on the level of interest, I have a couple of different ways to track and manage all participants and the teams they pick each week.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  If you know anyone else on Steem who may be interested, please share this post as the more upvotes and participants we have the better!


I'd love to play - thanks for organizing this!

You're welcome, should be a lot of fun if we can get a few more people and a few more dollars into the pot.

Well, I'm in.

Hopefully there will be more than 2 cents to pay out.

Awesome you're added to the list.

sign me up!

You're signed up :)

Thanks, I've added you.

I'm in !!

Not much competition so far! Hopefully we gain a little momentum...

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