The Steemit Dream Coming to Fruition: Forget YouTube?

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One week into uploading content onto Steemit and the proof of it being a REAL source of income...

Is staring me in the face.

Like you, I stumbled onto this platform from the weary world of YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify where making money seemed all but possible. In the first week on Steemit, However - I MADE WHAT?

Okay, so $40 something dollars and change doesn't seem like a lot but to me it's HUGE!!! Especially with only a handful of followers - It's already more money than I've ever made on YouTube with thousands of views.


It makes me wonder If I should leave the other media outlets entirely and focus my efforts in this community. Make a Steemy withdrawal from all the other music consuming machines that don't enable people to truly value content? What do you peeps think?

Do we keep our content on everything? I wonder if anyone has transferred their audience to just this platform yet.. If we all did, you can bet YouTube will start adopting similar strategies to its functions, but would it survive in the long haul?

Will Steemit? - I don't know enough yet to answer these questions so if you do, Feel free to drop a comment :D

Your Friendly Neighborhood Musician,




If steemit had a video hosting or at least a decentralized partner, YouTube could get into serious trouble soon. There's no doubt about that. Currently we need to store our videos somewhere. But still their value is more appreciated here on steemit.

What can I say... I'll go on vacation paid with the money I've earned on this platform. Facebook didn't even send me flowers in 10 years...😉

I guess you've given the answer by yourself.
Happy steeming

ahahaha Facebook should definitely send you flowers :D

Yes you will earn some dosh. No it will not be the $zillions you dream off. But drip drip drip and eventually it all adds up. I plan to take a trip on the money I've earned and then Post some more. Steemit is the future of the Blogchain. Good luck with your Posts.

'blogchain' great word

Thanks Franks, I think you're right, definitely good to me on here now :D

Awesome. You know the best strategy is to use your videos from youtube in steem. That way you get exposures in both.

Steem will just pay you more.

Right on my friend :D

Congratulations! That's nice!
Did You successfully manage to withdraw that money into Your local fiat currency and buy something with it? If not, its still just numbers on a website...

haha yeah maybe we should test how much we can withdraw? I'll let you know what happens

fiat is worthless. why would i want to convert my super valuable steem into something that sux 🤔

To buy food and stuff, pay Your bills etc would come to my mind...
Can't pay with cryptos at the supermarket cashier...

yay!! and steem it is so fun so far..ive only been on two days..I love how people actually interact..and the fact that there is pay for the time spent is awesome..I went on Facebook briefly today..and I can see just letting it go completely..this makes me so happy as I have had a love hate of Facebook for years..deactivating and activating..and after thousand of views on youtube making cents..steem seems like the obvious answer...bless

Foshhhh :D I've been really enjoying it here too, it's fun!

Hey - Yes, I think this is the real deal and yet an unknown secret.... but not for long. Good work, keep it up!

Hey thanks my friend!

Cross promote across all the platforms. Link up your steemit account from your youtube videos, share your youtube videos here on steemit and then share the steemit post (with your youtube video) onto your facebook.

always good to leverage other social networks into new ones. Especially if you have larger followings.

a bit of a tangent, but it applies. alphabet is torching google and youtube. even they know the whole thing is a pile of steaming sh!t. that's why they tweaked google's algorithm so you can no longer find 'illegal' content to stream. they want to drive users to pay for youtube. they're sucking every penny before their user base migrates. and they know it will migrate because they have so much data they can predict the future.

to answer your question more directly: migrate your current fan base to steemit if that sounds like fun. the purpose of life is to enjoy it. let that be your guiding principle. to me it sounds like work.

Ahh enjoy life... I need to build myself a camper van first then travel with the lady :D In the meantime, I think your right, and I have been enjoying Steemit. Thanks for the perspective yo!

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