HOW VOTING AND VOTING POWER WORKS...? Voting Power in Steemit Explained...

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Dear fellow steemians,
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As you already figured out, steem is all about upvoting posts and generating income. Now you must be wondering why not have everyone voted each other and make worthy. Well, it doesn't quite work like that.

What happens when you VOTE?
There is a fixed amount of steem produced everyday. When you vote you shower some of the rewards to the targeted recipients. If everyone voted for everyone , all rewards are distributed but of low value. Conversely if only one person is voting for only one post , that post rewards the entire pool.But this will never happen as long as the the universe continues to exist.

Everyone of you have a specific amount of voting power. Let us consider it as a tank of water. With everyvote you cast the tank drains, but not to worry because the tank replenishes itself at slow consistent rate. If the tank is completely empty it takes 5 days to refill the total amount, that is 100%.

As you earn more money your stake in the platform increases. Stake is determined by steem power, your vested long term holdings , but wait there is more...When you reach 500 steem power you gain the ability to scale your votes rather than using a full power vote everytime. You can realease anywhere from a 1 to 100% of a full powered vote. Thus diminishing your loss and choosing wise.

Never run behind upvotes for upvotes. It is important that your vote must worth.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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You give us a great information. Especially new Steemitian

Amazing article for new commers keep it up good going

informative instruction. carry on.

Thanks for the information, I was confused about voting power.

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