The Secrets to Success on Steemit

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I get asked by minnows many many times on the chat with a golden question:

"What can I do to be successful like you? Help me."

First of all, you can't be like me, or anyone else for that matter. Each person has their own ways to success. As much as I would love to see everyone succeed on Steemit, unfortunately there's no magic recipe. But I can give you a few pointers on things to do, and things to avoid.

"I can only show you the door.
You're the one that has to walk through it."
-- Morpheus

Focus on Your Skills

I have a background in science, I am proficient in programming and computers, I am this and that. You on the other hand, do not necessarily possess the skills that I have. But, you have your own skill set and things that YOU love to do. It could be art, camping, politics, religion, teaching, charity, trading, investing, etc. Whatever you know or do, write about it. Steemit is a very broad community with a wide range of cultures and people from around your world. Find your way to people who share your own interests. Don't try to be someone else, because it's a ticket to failure.

Forget the Whales

I would LOVE to be a whale, but I don't have the money to be one. There are two types of whales on Steemit, the genuine investors who put out money from their own pockets, and those who controversially premined STEEM. I don't want to get into that, but the point is, if you have a load of cash, you can become a whale by buying STEEM. If not, you're in the same league as I am. In other words, stop dreaming of becoming a whale, stay realistic, and work hard to earn rewards.

Forget the Trending Page

This page is a scourge. It's very misleading and doesn't represent the platform at all. Just because there's a few $1000 posts on it, that doesn't mean that you will get such posts anytime soon. The allure of money can be enthralling, so don't fall for it. Ground yourself or you will be frustrated by thoughts like: Why can't I make $1000 like them. Well, some of them have politics behind them or are abusers of the system. Believe me, you don't want to be like them. Ignore that page, that's what I do.

Free Your Mind

Connect with People

Networking is a word you should remember all the time. What does it mean? It means to connect with people, which can be achieved in different ways.

  • Chatting
    Steemit.Chat is a good starting place, it's open for all and easily accessible. That's where I started myself. You can meet new friends in the #general channel or other specific ones. And from there, you can reach other chat servers on Discord, which is another popular chat platform.
  • Communities
    There's no shortage of communities on Steemit. They tend to use Discord. I have listed a few on but there's more you can find around. Again, there's not magic community here, join whichever ones that your needs and interests.
  • Tags
    There's a ton of posts everyday on Steemit, and you'll find that yours will go unnoticed. It's frustrating. However, use the tags to your advantage. You can use up to 5 tags when you post, and use them wisely. Use relevant tags to your subject. Adding a kr tag will get you some angry Koreans on your back if it's not posted in the Korean language. The most popular tags are listed here, but you can create your own tags if you like, with the caveat of less visibility. For example, if you use "ilovefeathers", you might not find a big audience for it.
  • Commenting
    Commenting on other's posts is the most powerful way to connect, in my opinion. You know that Facebook Like button that glues the users to their screen? There's a reason for it. People are social creatures who yearn for recognition and seek approval from others. So, when you comment on someone else's post (after reading it, of course), you're acknowledging their work and expressing your opinion about it. And most importantly, when you comment, you show your interest. Take your time and write something meaningful, and I guarantee you a follow, a comment back, and eventually upvotes.

Avoid the Facebook Mentality

The dreaded follow for follow, upvote for upvote. Do not do that. Begging won't work and people will not be interested in you very quickly, even flag you if you annoy them too much. Besides, even if they follow you, it's not a guarantee they will READ your content and upvote it, unless it's interesting to them. So asking for a follow4follow is futile and a waste of time. Let the users have the choice of following and upvoting you, instead of imposing it on them.
(click the image for its source and to enlarge)

Watch your Reputation

Reputation is key, no matter where you are. If you act nice, people will like you. If you act like an ass, they won't respect you, ignore you or flag you. As simple as that. Speaking of reputation, someone with a higher reputation than yourself can hurt you with a downvote, so avoid getting in fights with certain whales. Unfortunately, we have bad whales on Steemit. That's how the world is, it's not always a rosy Utopian place.

Read the FAQ

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
No matter how many times I repeat it, people still don't read the FAQ. This thing was written for a reason: to answer those Frequently Asked Questions. It's a polite way of saying RTFM (google what that means). So please, before asking around, check the FAQ first. It gets tiresome to repeat something that was already written. Steemit is a growing community, so don't waste people's time with stuff that is already explained. Steemit is a complex platform and requires some understanding of its basics before becoming successful. So I tell you again, RTFM... I mean read the FAQ 😏

It's Not Only About the Money

When I first joined Steemit, I had no illusions and no expectations. Back then, STEEM was around $2. I didn't join to make money, I joined because I was curious about this place that crypto bloggers were talking about. I wasn't expecting to become rich from it at all. I started doing my own things; with time, patience and hard work, I am where I am today. The notion of "Money Talks" preached on the main page is misleading. Blog about what you love, the rewards will come. It's a good feeling when you start low, then gain respect and trust from the community to finally get decent rewards. Instead of aiming too high fo da money and ending up disappointed.

Be Consistent

Consistency is another key element to success. When people like your content and follow you, they expect to read more of that good useful stuff you gave them in the first place. Don't be surprised if you assay about world hunger gets you $100, while your meme post gets you $1. Stick to consistent quality. By all means, a meme every once in a while will put a smile on their face, but don't end up becoming a clown when you can offer much more.

Don't Give Up

  • In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can -- Nikos Kazantzakis
  • Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me -- Carol Burnett
  • It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop -- Confucius
  • Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star -- W. Clement Stone

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Very interesting post, I must say. The tips you’re giving are very solid, and I especially like the quotes you’re using at the end. Struggling my way back up after creating a new account (long story) can be pretty demotivating at times, and sometimes I tend to forget all this. Quotes like that somehow help me to put things in the right perspective again.

It's Not Only About the Money

You couldn’t have been more right. I found out about SteemIt the same way you did: because people in the crypto world talked about it. I did sign up because of the money, but I think it only took me like two weeks to realize that the value of this platform goes way further. I’d be lying if I would say I don’t want to earn here, but it’s incredible how much I’ve learned in just 4 months. Every day, I’ve been learning new skills or I’m improving the ones I already had, and many posts and conversations have given me more knowledge and have contributed to my personal development. It’s not about the money ... not anymore.

Now please excuse me, because I’m taking off to start reading the FAQ. I must admit that I wasn’t aware that they existed, although I’ve been hanging around for a couple of months... :0s

I actually had to go and look up what RTFM meant. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t as rude as I thought it would be :0)

Anyway, thanks for the good information and the moral support. Really appreciated!


Well RTFM is rude, I prefer to stay polite in my posts, because blockchain (can't edit the posts after 7 days)! Thanks for your input.


Okay, it’s bit rude, but seeing that letter-word, i expected something way worse ;0)


It's awesome we can edit on here at all. :)


just remember anyone can see the older versions too.


specially for a witness :-D

Thanks, you make Steemit looks like a ladder to climb with patience not a get rich quick scheme.


not everyone thinks the same :-(

i've been tryna say this to everyone. alot of those people on the trending section get themselves up there by cheating the system tbh and abusing it or gaming it somehow. i always want people on this platform to start low and gain valuable followers who care about your posts or videos(DTUBE). This will probably be the best advice, because when time comes and steemit puts precautions for loopholes, you possibly could be left with a follower base who doesn't give a dime about your posts.

Thank you for the encouraging post @drakos I am also new to steemit and I have never blog in life or even been very active in social platforms. I am still "stuck" on my second post. I did the introduction post (first part at least) and still thinking about what to write for my second. I realize how dumb it may sound to you guys after writing so much, but for someone who is not used to writing, it is huge.

I do appreciate your encouragement to be original and not copy facebook or Instagram by playing the follow me game. I will start meeting new people and network, that's the best thing I can do for now. Thanks

Looking forward to getting to know you guys :)

Agree with this 100%.

Thank you for this constructive piece to minnows of which I am one! This is an exciting and equally overwhelming adventure! I am grateful for experienced Steemians like you, who take the time to offer much-needed guidelines! I like your advice to be authentic and build relationships with like-minded "players"! I wish you continued sucess here ... and in the rest of your life as well! After all, THAT is what matters!


Good luck to you on your Steemian journey :)

@drakos Thanks for sharing your knowledge great master!
I also started to get the notion that this place really is not all that much about money, or at least it looks like you have to be in it for the "long-haul" to make any significant rewards. Also it seams like you either have to be "lucky" and get votes from whales or dolphins at an early stage or just be extremely resilient and just keep on going and consequently post quality post after quality post and not expect anything but a few cents as an initial reward for your hard work, the later will take a lot of time and I am sure if you calculate the hourly rate it would not be a very good salary. So to get to the point I believe you are completely right, if one does not enjoy writing, vlogging, replying/writing comments etc, this place is going to be a waste of time. Thanks for a realistic steemit guide!!! Cheers!

Love the information and context provided in your post, I agree that consistency and effort are two important characteristics to grow an account organically without buying Steem just to increase your reputation immediately....the journey is more here's to keep creating valuable content to keep growing our blogs.... Every new user on Steemit should read your blog....really valuable info here for new users....

Good educational information should be shared so your post has been Upvoted and Resteemed. Hope more people get to read your blog.

Honestly you've given me a 5 star enlightenment. I have to be real here, first time i opened the trending page scrolling down, the amounts earn by Steemians caught my attention alot. I said to myself i could such amount lol.. I drafted an introduction expecting it to trend but to my suprise i made just 0.07 lmao. I was frustrated like for real, kept wondering what went wrong how the trending post stayed trendy, i just couldn't figured it out... Thank God i came across this post today and im going to apply these tips you shared. Thank you for taking your time and energy to create and share this with us. Really, thank you!


I used to feel the same about the trending page. Then I noticed the patterns and realized how shitty and misleading it was. When I started 7 months ago, @sweetsssj was trending; I look again today and she's still trending... some things never changed.


Oh Yeahhh, some things never change... I believe with these tips you've shared, it's best to focus on my page, my followers and my content, remain consistent and just leave the rest to workout

@drakos, very useful tools you provided which I will forward to our group working on handholding. Great point re "Avoid the Facebook Mentality" which many probably don't realize they are doing. Being old enough, I appreciate the Carol Burnett quote.

but don't end up becoming a clown when you can offer much more.

Sorta like how I make crazy animations, but then can reach & teach people with the infographics. ☺

But maaaaaaaan my weakest area is chat. I'm not bad at commenting, though, when I finally get around to it.

And don't worry about not being a whale, I think one day the rising price of steem can make you an honorary whale... meaning in a few years, your upvote will be worth what a whale's vote is today ☺


You’re not the only one who’s weakest point is chatting. I have the same problem. I’m not good at it and I don’t like it, so I stay away from it.
I prefer commenting. Although that takes up a lot more of my time. I really got to learn how to post comments that don’t take an hour to write, ;0)


The pressures of life make me like a hyperactive squirrel, can't stay in one spot for very long. Commments are easier. Just leave a comment and walk away, there's not a need to stay for a conversation ☺


I second that! 😉


@simplymike God, I thought I was the only one who takes a lifetime to write a comment.

I always try to put something insightful and important to the topic, so my comments are like mini-essays hahah not necessarily lengthy, but I always take them very seriously. I believe they are the best way to connect to people and make a good impression.


I agree, but my comments take so long to write that I can only write a couple every day.
Regularly, I see a new post and it is too soon to upvote, so I decide to write a comment first. By the time I finish my comment, the post is 1 hour old and has already too many upvotes to make mine profitable - lol
I should really work on that


we don't bite. Just say hi!


I visited Steemit chat yesterday... Discorb is so densely populated, getting buried in chat is very common. I prefer messenger over trying to be seen in a busy room!

My opinion, there is a very strong factor in success in Steemit that is hard work and appreciate all the smallest things. Because of that all we are grateful for what has been obtained. then later from the smallest thing becomes a big thing because of patience and never give up.

First of all, thank you for an honest post. I am pretty new to Steemit so I appreciate anyone who takes the time and let us, beginners know how to "run the game." The truth is that anytime I sit on my computer in the evening (like right now) and spend time reading and commenting on people's post, it always pays off. I either gain some followers or I make some extra cents for my post next day. So commenting is definitely one of the best ways which have worked for me so far. BTW, I love those few quotes you listed at the end. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Thanks for the tips for becoming successful on Steemit. I think you covered a lot of great points

Very useful post, I have been here for a couple of weeks but just wanted to read a few "how to steemit " posts. This is one of the best I say. And yes, I was wondering about the trending page, politics eh? got it. Thank for sharing such useful information . :)

Thank you for spelling out quite clearly the points you made. Yes, getting started on here definitely requires a learning curve and a time commitment. It is very helpful to have access to articles like this by those who are experienced and successful.

I thank my God for stumbling upon this particular post of yours, very informative and interestingly a way forward for me on steemit.
Cant thank you enough for this wonder guide and a way to success not only on steemit but in general perspective.
Im going to as a matter of fact adopt and reposition myself with your contents thank you once again!
Permit me to re-edit this post and use it appropriately for the benefit of more audience.


Agreed 100% with everything you put here.

My three secrets to success: work hard, be nice, don't be a dick. It works.

There is no overnight success unless you already have a big following from elsewhere. It takes dedication and a community mindset.

Thank you for sharing your success. Good post!

Hey @drakos

I love your tips specially networking and commenting one. I have been commenting and connecting with people who share same interests. It's one of the best way to create a community of audience which is going to help you gain more exposure.

I guess Steemit is attracting more spammers and scammers through its tag line "Money talks". What do you say?


I believe so yes. The logo "Money Talks" is doing that.

Great post that will definitely help out new Steemians! You raised a lot of valid points such as looking at the trending page as being an unrealistic measure of how things truly are on the platform.

I also mentioned the importance of reading the FAQ in one of my first blogs, so seeing that mentioned in your post sort of reassures me that I'm in the right state of mind here.


@jaraumoses showed me that, and told me to invest quality time to master how steemit work.
So am th right track with more of this lessons.


@jaraumoses showed me that, and told me to invest quality time to master how steemit work.
So am th right track with more of this lessons.

This is a great post by all standard. It all start with passion before you get there. If you don't love what you do along the way you will quit because you are just there for the money. Steemit is not a rich quick scheme, most people don't know it takes time. Nothing good come easy, you need to work really hard. With this post I'm really inspired and I learn a lot from it. I really appreciate this piece.


That's what I keep telling them, work hard :)


But sometimes its really hard to make good friends. Most of the guys don't give you attention at all. But all the same you need to soldier on.


Definately, will be patient and keep making friends and learning from them. From your post, i have learnt not to rush...its hardwork and consistence

Sometimes it's not just the hard work!!! It's hard work writing good content. It's hard work replying to comment most comments on your post. But guess what I discovered....its about the amount of time you put into steemit. Meeen I talked to one dude n he was all about putting like 12 hrs or more per day on steemit. Fada laaawd! Where I come from data is kinda pricey so u would not want to spend that much time on the internet and for some of us our careers are pressing us for all the time we have !! So drakos, timing is also a factor. Cause u need it to chat n connect with peeps also.


I'm full time dedicated to Steemit, so are many others. And speaking of timing, indeed it's important. The earlier you adopt it, the better. I think when we reach millions of users, it may be more difficult to shine.


yeah, your right you know. that's when its really going to be REAL hard work. o well we'll see, we'll see. solid planning has got to be on ground. i forgot to mention, thanks for the post anyways, really helpful.

Excellent advice, and well laid out.

RTFM - lolol, love it. People are in such a hurry to skip the important steps.

Forget the Trending page - yes! It really is a horrible misrepresentation of the site.

I love the graphics of the wall - never lose hope (not loose btw just in case you want to fix that ;) )


thanx @drakos for using the animation in such a good post :)
@ravenruis i saw the animation thousand times but oversaw that particular mistake always. thank u so so much for pointing it out, i will try 2 make another with the correct spelling :)


lol, you are very welcome. It is such an awesome animation and message! :)

Well said. A lot of great tips here. I have only been with SteemIt for 8 months. I was using it for a few months then stopped and would log in every so often.
I think the hardest part is just getting started and trying to figure out how everything works or doesn't work. And like you said, if you focus on the money part, you will be disappointed.
Just have fun, meet new people, enjoy a new platform that isn't Facebook and have some fun. Enter some contests. You may get lucky.
Thank you for a great post and some great advice.

Thank you for the advises. I'll try to apply them.

RTFM I get people all the time asking how to fix their bike. The info is there. If you try first and put forth the effort and still need some explanation, I am more than willing to help out. If you don’t do a 2 second google search and just want to be spoon fed.......well.........

Connect with people is the absolute best advice. You have to get involved and make those relationships and yourself memorable. Comment comment comment.

Thanks for a well written, concise yet informative post.

STEEM on my brother!

I must admit that this is one of the no-non-sense posts that I have read regarding how to grow on steemit! There's a lot of content out here for steemit beginners and some are way too unrealistic for small fishes like me! And the bots and whale stuff simply complicates it more!

Your post will definitely help me to stay motivated, keep my eyes on the content and not the figures appearing on the trending posts!

Thanks a lot for the content! :) Followed :)

Thanks @drakos nice post <3
Learning about steemit and the best way to be succes is so good!
I want to ask you if can i translate to spanish.
It could be a nice guide for all the spanishtemians.
If you're agree i'll link it yo your profile as you're the owner ;)
Best regards!


Sure, I welcome translations, just don't forget to give credits :)


Thank you @drakos !! Of course, i will ;)


Thanks again @drakos!

This is incredibly simple advice, but it's not easy.

I do my best to stay consistent and post quality content; comment all the time and help people with their concerns. I've had some big post payouts, but mostly not big. The minimum has been going up slowly over time.

Would you say your climb was steady, or more fits and starts?


I started from the bottom like everyone, with only the delegated 30 SP from Steemit. It's been slow and steady at the beginning, but I put a lot of effort into Steemit and I'm grateful for what I gained in return, 7 months later :)

Hello @drako, I think every newbie on this platform need to see this, it's a way out of the masses and a route to success here

Good tips and condense for readers to absorb and remember. We live for the journey not the end results.

I do not know if you still remember me but I had my account stolen my second month on this platform. You were the one who help me find the right people to fix my mistake. Been a follower ever since. Should go back on to but busy just being on steemit ;) Thanks

Thanks so much for the post. I am relatively new here (about 3 weeks) but have enjoyed greatly my daily fish into other peoples minds. However I realised this morning that I did not really know how the platform worked. Just to stress I have no desire to be a whale, I just want to enjoy good communication (I currently live in Tonga, which I love ....but its great to share other peoples opinions and perspectives). Anyway all that being said I am about to .....go and RTFM and also check out what this whole witness voting thing is all about. Cheers J

Wonderful post that I have seen it on steemi since I joined all informations and advices here Thank you very much Mr @drakos

I didn't understand most of what you said, but you quoted Carol Burnett so that is a good thing. Haha, Just Kidding ! (-: Great advice, it's always good to refresh the great advice for new Steemians / Resteem / Peace !

ha-ha, "don't become a clown by posting to many memes" - dang, I think I broke that rule already 😹.

is there such a thing as "drunk~steem", aye yigh-yigh: there goes my reputation [...that horse left the barn a long time ago, actually].

(...but it was so much fun at the time).

I have like ZERO social media skills... actually my social skills are kind of lame too, and maybe that's a good thing. hey, what the hay ['with all this hay and horseshit there's gotta be a pony around here somewhere'].

maybe that's another potential tip: don't leave ambling pointless comments... ha-ha, it is tempting to be the clown though ! (a rodeo clown perhaps ?)

I must say this is really very helpful and i'm still learning #steemit to be honest, thanks author for this awesome post.

I have to say, you inspired me with this article. I'm going to write some articles from psyhology and philosophy range.

Excellent post. It was both informative and encouraging, especially for someone still relatively new to the platform like me. The advice about engaging in the chats I have heard from others but still have not gotten around to doing. I will take this opportunity to go check those out, so thanks for the reminder!

Hi very useful article filled with transparent guidelines and etiquette. Agree 100% with you on the points made Networking is the golden rule and finding your owns strenghts(skills) together with your passions. And treat others like you would like to be treated. Is There A Way I can Save or BOOKMARK this post


Sure you can bookmark it in your browser, like any URL.


Hi thank you very much, when you have time I just quickly want to know why if I upvoted and returned to my settings-comments some of the upvotes are in blue and the others is normal(grey) must I click on the up vote icon again. Or must I just upvoted 1 and forget about it whatever its doing in my comments section

This could help me a lot as a minnow. Sometimes I struggle on what topics do I write..I am fond of writing travel blogs but lately I haven't travelled. Just recently I discovered I could write poems instead. One thing I'd like to add on your tips is to keep on learning. Read other posts or learn bew stuffs. In that way it can add to your topics of expertise..😀

Awesome piece - I pretty much screwed up on all of those when I started. I have noticed this year that the steemit system gives you what you give it. I didnt touch mine long periods of time and didn't get any $1000 posts - LOLZ, it's because I wasn't posting.
One of the hardest things I find to do is making connections - this year is off to a way better start than last year that's for sure.
peace ;)

Thank you @dragos. Very sound advice and very well put together. I agree with everything you've said. Looking at the Trending page makes someone like me cringe. Really agreeing with the FB menatlity. I seem to get a lot of that being at a much lower rep.

I think the hardest part is finding the niche and being consistent with it. I have a few things I am very passionate about I know I should stick with those and then grow in time. I guess I am expecting too much out of myself rather than being completely happy with what I have done.

I admit, I've done a few posts as a 'let's throw it out there and see that it sticks' I realized I'm not big enough for that yet. The post has given me a little different prespective. (And yes I have read the FAQ a couple of times. I think a few more, I might have it memorized LOL )


great post @drakos, very helpful for beginners like us. I have chosen you as a witnesses, let me share this with my friends, 😊😊


It's drakos by the way, not dragos!


Sorry was really tired, and fingers get a mind of their own. :(

This is very helpful! Thank you for sharing your insight @drakos the Morpheus quote and Matrix gifs was an awesome addition as well! Good job buddy!

This post should be put along with the FAQ or the Welcome Page of Steemit. This is a sort of a tutorial post outlining the ways of success in Steemit.

Patience, Perseverance, Consistency and the Efforts on your post should be always on your mind everyday when you are on Steemit.

Treat this as a business where you invest your writing skills, the content which put out everyday, scheduling your content roadmap. I agree with you that networking is necessary. People don't know you so you must go out there and network with them.

I had resteemed and upvoted your posts so that my followers can be aware of this.

Thank you so much for such an inspiring and motivating article. Got to learn a lot new from this. Keep sharing. :)@drakos

Hi @drakos. What you mentioned above is so true. Most of the time people who join steemit, will want to do the short cuts. I believe that if you put your whole heart to what you enjoy doing, eventually it will pay off. Im definately resteeming your post. This are the types of motivation I like to read. Tqvm for all the info here. 🍻


You can delete your other duplicate comment. You can edit you know, instead of posting/commenting twice.


So sorry. Thanks for the info. Already deleted my double comment 🙏🏼

Exactly what minnows like us are feeling right now! Thank you!

@drakos thank you very much for writing this post which was both very helpful for me and I think will be very helpful for resteeming to the new users following me!


Glad you liked it.

I love posts like this, because I really respect the thoughts, ideas from people who are successful here on steemit, so that I can learn from them.

I still have lot's to learn, but I love this platform even though I don't like social media at all.
I got addicted to steemit, because I made so many amazing friends who really inspire me and I am learning so much.

I love your tips and really appreciate it. I've been doing them just like you mentioned, but it is always great to get that support from people who have been where I am and now they are successful.

Thank you @drakos! The best and most useful post so far I've seen on Steemit!!!

Thanks for the ultra-informative post @Drakos, it was very helpful to me. As a newborn minnow I am learning all I can about Steemit and thanks to guys like you who have been around the blockchain a few times, there are posts such as this one that provide that information and instruction that I am looking for. thank-you 5.png

voted you as a witness 😊

Thank you. Despite many other bloggers saying to do this and that, it's like you're encouraging everyone to be more genuine and stick to what they know, and I believe that's a better advice than to try and jump into something which you're not very familiar with. I'll put this in mind :)

Thanks for this! It's really easy to lose sight and give up when you don't know what to do or don't know what you're even doing on the platform. Really appreciate how real and un-fluffed your post is! Helps us new comers to get a better understanding of the big picture without setting unrealistic goals!

Instructions not clear, rating got lower :P

Some great advice there, thanks. I think I'm more or less doing as you suggest although I've not really got into the chat yet.

Great post, thanks!

Really interesting read! Thank you taking time to write meanigful article!

This not only holds good for steemit but in all aspects of professional growth too. Well written.

Shared at:


Very petrified me ... because I am a newcomer in the steemit .... thank you friend

Looks like you are a big fan of the movie "The Matrix". One quote and one GIF from it. I really like the quote of Morpheus you have mentioned. No one will open the door for us. No one (whale/dolphin) is just sitting to give away their money. We have to earn them ourselves.
I think every newbie should read this post before engaging themselves in this ocean while dreaming of getting 1000s of the dollar from one post like those on trending tab. It will bring them out from the fantasy land.

For newbies: How to give a fractional upvote when your SP is below 500?

Great advice. Getting into a good network of common interest has been great for me. Like another comment mentioned...I'm horrible at chat. But at least the comments section allows for a bit of interaction.


The chat is one tool among others. If you're not chatty, that's fine. I'm sure you can find your own ways of interact with people.

This is a very good post for people new to steam like myself. Good read for sure!

Have new ppl joing resteemed to get them access to your tips. Great read. I appreciate the time it takes to do all the good things ❤

Great article bro happy for your success on here in the past 6 months!

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Hurrah, I'm a Hero now :)

This is one of the best post I have read.

I must admit that whn I came to steemit all that I was thinking about is money. It came to a time I realized I have to forget about the money and put in much effort and am sure in the long run I will enjoy the fruit of my labour

Good post, but I laughed at this:

Steemit.Chat is a good starting place, it's open for all and easily accessible. That's where I started myself. You can meet new friends in the #general channel or other specific ones. And from there, you can reach other chat servers on Discord, which is another popular chat platform.

Isn't this what SteemIt is for? Why do we need to connect on other platforms rather than connecting here? Facebook doesn't suggest people join Twitter so they can better understand Facebook - they offers tools within their own platform for this.

To an "outsider" the chat sometimes makes it seem like the entire SteemIt platform isn't legitimate. No other social media platform does this; it comes off as weird.

Just something to consider.


Not at all. The chat has a different purpose and is a complementary way to reach people in real time. Also, witnesses, developers, investors are 24/7 on the chats discussing many things related to Steem, which cannot be achieved by blogging. And finally, Steemit is a blockchain, so everything you write on it is permanently recorded past the payout. There are things people discuss in the chats that aren't necessarily important or can be too sensitive to be posted.

Exellent work

Very good post i like it.thank you so mush

Thanks for this wonderful post, agreed to every piece of words you have written down new to steemit and i have been finding it little confusing but with this i wont get frustrated anymore.thanks so much ....nice posts , congrats you have won me following you ....

Interesting and very beautiful post for us to visit by this beginner thank you and please always support us

Excellent points here @drakos. I really do believe that finding a discord community is the way to go. Building relationships is the foundation to any type of success!

Ever worked at a crappy job with awesome co-workers? What was the experience like? Probably closer to awesome than crappy right? That's how life works. It's the relationships that often dictate the quality of our experience!

Oh! And one other thing I recommend is appreciating others who are putting out great content. I do this every saturday. Here's my last post if you want to check out what that looks like: Steemit DISCOVERIES with @axios [EP 2]: Steemians Worth Following!

Thanks for sharing this @drakos!

Thank you for the post. I've always wanted to know the secrets of the whales. I like to follow the whales to gain tips and inspiration.

I'm a newbie and I see myself as lucky to read this post... Had to read it more than once. So intriguing #eyeopener.

I really appreciate the information. Actually, it an eye opener. I personally am good at farming , counselling and guidance, and religious affairs.
Am gonna apply this.😁


There's a LOT of homesteaders here, you'll find a good niche with them. You can check out @papa-pepper, he's a top homesteader. I like his blog.


Ohh thanks big time. Surely will do so.

.... At some point, write an article on how to be successful on Steemit.

BTW, having to go to Discord or Steemit Chat in order to build up following seems to defeat the whole purpose of Steemit.

What an Awesome Post. I truly appreciate others who give genuine advice to the newcomers of the community and help them to build self-confidence in themselves. Amazing read. Invaluable Advice. Thanks, @drakos - @Adactly what I was looking for.

Don't give up is such good advice!

it is very interesting discussion.thank you so much

Wow great

Postingan yang bagus saya sangat suka. Hallo saya pendatang baru mohon dukungan dan jangan lupa di upvot ya

@drakos I appreciate your hard work in taking time to put up a nice post as such....
This would indeed make steemians becoming a better versions of themselves
God bless you

Saya sangat suka postingan anda. Saya pendatang baru... Mohon dukungan dan jangan lupa di upvot ya...

really a very nice post thanks

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Very informative post... Beautifully briefed and a very well guide for new users..... Thank you for sharing the good knowledge.....

Thanks @drakos for sharing your info, I'm going to follow your way and reach out there more and more daily. Appreciate your info, very useful. Cheers, following

Thank you for this informative post. I am still working on consistency and finding my voice but I'm trying to enjoy the process. I am guilty of only partially reading the FAQ (I had to look up RTFM LOL) so I'm going to get back to it.

  • Kareen

This indeed a very informative post. Sharing this to newbies like me. Great tips and real informative.

First of all, you can't be like me, or anyone else for that matter. Each person has their own ways to success.

This is the part I love the most. True to everyone, it's really up to the person as to how they'll define success.

Thanks for sharing this.

thank you for suggestion

I feel like you are my steemit dad because you helped me so much in getting set up. Now you are writing great articles like this.

I don't know what witness voting is, but I will look into it. Since I am brand-spanking-new would it even matter who I voted for. Should I wait until I've been doing steem a little bit more?

Nice post, useful information, thanks for sharing!

very helpful, I really would not aspire to be like them because I want more than that, surpassing them with our own ability, in my religion (islam) it is forbidden (begging) that's why I did not do it

Thank you very much for that good article
It really is information at the top of importance
You are a wonderful person and wish you happiness and success in all walks of life
You deserve the best
good luck my dear friend @drakos

I think I need to go to the Basic. It's more interesting. Everybody has a unique gift from God. And it's meant to be shared. God bless everyone...

wow matrix my best movie back then

do not know I would like to comment APS Pak, you emang outside boasa above to pandaian father, I want to all such as the father, today I more really really learn more, after I read from posting the father, I much one or not true in post my father was outside can gratitude

I know I'm a bit late in reaching this post and commenting. A perfect post for the minnows. I admired RTFM part of the post. I have even faced similar situations where people ask me lots of basic questions in discord. It is not that I'm fed up with their questions but their intention is first and always on the money. They don't even bother about exploring what this community is all about. Thanks for this wonderful post. I'm bookmarking it to share with minnows later.