The Mac version of ZenTasktic is live in Mac AppStore

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About two weeks ago I announced the release of the iOS version of ZenTasktic, my productivity app. It is now time to announce the release of the Mac version of the same app, which, as of yesterday, is live in Apple Mac AppStore.

You can get it right now, by clicking on the link below:

Get ZenTasktic for Mac OS

It's free to use (as in free beer) but it does include a one year subscription if you want to access more advanced features, like the ZenStatus, for instance. It requires Mac OS Catalina and it's my first attempt at using Mac Catalyst, Apple's bridging APIs between iOS and Mac OS.

It's been quite a ride for me and I'm really happy to see both apps live - even though, being just the initial release, and my limited testing environment, I would expect an occasional bug here and there.

So, once again, if you missed the first link, here it is, again:

Get ZenTasktic for Mac OS

If you do get it and play with it, I would love some feedback.

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No blockchain component, isn't it? Why so?

I had very bad experiences with blockchain-powered apps in the Apple ecosystem (I did try to publish one, which was keep being rejected - managed to get to the level I got on the phone with a real person from the AppStore review team, to no avail). Apart from a handful of wallets, pretty much nothing goes through. It's because the 30% cut that Apple currently takes from every in-app purchase. If an app uses blockhain as a mean of payment, they're passed on and they don't seem to like that very much.

Oooooohhhhh. I want. Will try. Thanks!

Thanks for trying this, let me know what you think!