SteemPeak Wallet Integrates SNAX Balances

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Ending the week in a positive vibe, I'm happy to share with you the news that @steempeak wallet is now displaying your SNAX balance in their wallet (provided you have linked your account with SNAX).

Here's how this looks for one of my accounts:

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 10.56.55 AM.png

If you still don't know what SNAX is, I highly recommend you to have a look at

Steem on!

Hat tip to @amico, who pointed that to me.

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That’s is really cool. Well done.

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Those are great news

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The next big thing will be to get a market for the SNAX tokens. Any thoughts in this?


The team is working on this, they have discussions with exchanges literally every day.

I don't know about this steempeak wallet before! Is that safe to use? Useful information for me, but I hate to share my keys with most of DAPPs!



On steempeak you can use steemconnect or steem keychain. Your keys will never be sent to steempeak ;)

That's great. I've linked SNAX since day 1 so looking forward to see where it goes from here. Any project that links into STEEM so well can only be a good thing.

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That's cool! Chrome is not my primary browser so it was a bit troublesome for me to check my SNAX balance. Now it will be much more convenient

TYPO REPORT goog.jpg should be @steempeak


Thanks for the heads up, corrected.

Cool stuff. I like it when things get integrated and you need to check things is less places. My Snax are building up nicely.

these snax token can be traded ?


Not yet.

That is cool, it is already displaying my balance

Hi, @dragosroua. This is a great initiative from Steempeak, but we found that the balance display unfortunately does not work correctly for some users.
I asked @Steempeak to contact @SnaxTeam on Discord. I hope they will fix the issues as soon as possible.


Should already be fixed. Also I contacted someone from your team on discord. Unfortunately I've not been able to find you :)


Perfectly. thanks)


Great, thanks for the promptitude :)

Accidentally spotted that this morning and was pretty happy with that as I’m too lazy to open Brave just to check snax 😆 (might do it more often if I get more into bat but I’m currently being a chicken about uphold).

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Good news!