Steemit UI Improvements: Show Me (The Color Of) The Money :)

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I woke up this Saturday with this greenery all over my wallet on

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 8.49.12 AM.png

The color of the money in the wallet changed to main Steemit accent color, this Medium-esque green, which, at times, might be a bit too much (at least for me). I'm neutral to positive towards this change, although it may be challenging for those who are not very fond of this green (like me, for instance). But from a UX point of view, the change is positive, as it clearly separates semantically the value of the assets from other elements on the page.

And, if I'll ever feel overwhelmed, there's always the night mode, which, to be honest, looks much better with this change:

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.10.26 AM.png

All in all, good stuff to start the weekend.

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Overall I don't like the changes. Hopefully the site will function better though.

yes off course lovely looking wallet with this green feature. and specially in night mode awesome look.

As for me i love the green.. seems like good luck to me lol. Dollar is Green

I wish we saw more green on the market though - often seeing a sea of red!

Green is a color of peace, now we are in peace baby.

Let's hope that with this color of the money change soon the price will change as well...

O yeah, i did noticed it today, but i ignore it :/

The look of that green feels good. Another reason to be refreshing my wallet....😁

rearranging the deck chairs.

I'm neutral in this one. For me the numbers are more important that the color :)

That's the coolest thing i have ever seen. It is amazing and beautiful.

Informative post , thanks for your information .

Green is a color of peace ..

Thanks for sharing @dragosroua

Upvote you ....

Follow me @dragosroua

When the color of money change soon. I am looking forward to seeing that.

Just noticed these changes looks pretty cool :)

The color doesn't botter me, I think is ok. I will try the night mode to see the difference. Greetings

... now if only the real value would mean more green

The green looks much better. I even checked my wallet this morning but didn't noticed it. I will be paying more attention to it now

Never noticed night-mode switch before. Switching to night mode, not sure why its called night mode though, the other mode should be called Etta James mode IMHO, given that it reminds me of the old 'I'dd rather go blind' song by Etta James ;-)

True, i got surprised when i saw my wallet and literally it's reflecting cool but yes, for a minute i gave a thought and look over complete website and after couple of minutes i understood that the User Interface is changed and i agree with you, now wallet is reflecting the colour of money and green always give pleasing effect.

Let's hope that more cool User Interface will be produced in future and also let's hope that we can see some cool features too.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

This has been implemented on blog post too. The number of votes, reply button and number of comments also shows green.

I prefer the night mode to anything else.

well yes liked the color very much and it sure is cool to see improvements being made in here !

Yeah I noticed it. Maybe in future, they introduce a theme button through which we could set up our own color! :D