Steemit HardFork 20 Release Candidate 1 Is Out!

in steemit •  4 months ago

Just when I wrote I couldn't find any better news to start that weekend than the launch of the Steemit TestNet, I just realized the first release candidate of the 20 HardFork is out as well:

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 10.28.16 AM.png

I can't wait to start fiddling with it (after I'll finish the upgrade of my backup server, that is, which will happen on Monday).

From where I stand, looks like this hardfork will be smoother than the last ones. The same thing I can say about the development process and the communication surrounding this process.

It may not show in the price of STEEM (yet), but the Steemit ecosystem is evolving in the right direction.

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We are getting a lot of info from you today...

Does this hard fork mean that something will fork out like golos did?


Nope, just some new features on the blockchain.


Okay, thanks.

I'm interested to hear what you think about it. We've waited a long time for it.

When do you think it will be running on the main blockchain?


Release date is September 30th, if I remember correctly.

Thanks for sharing this great info @dragosroua

I'm still confused regarding this hardfork ... i'm trying not to compare it to hardforks like on btc or eth ... Learning, learning, learning :-)

Thanks for this blog @dragosroua

Looking forward for your infos



No, it's nothing like that.

It's just a way to add features to the platform, and some of the features require consensus modifications, that's why the codebase has to change consistently across the network (that's what a hardfork is: a change in the codebase accepted by all players)

Looking forward to reading your long description post! :)

Glad you have not quit in spite of its low price. I always read 📖 your updates and insights. Probably you are mi single source of knowledge.

On my side I post once in a while, but not as last year. Today take 8 times hard to get what one got in December 2017.

But right now resembles the conditions when I got into and planning to get on board of HF20 as soon as it launches.

And I do expect you continue to be the leading teacher

That's super nice news to hear from an independent developer.

Test net is good way of checking the improvements without influencing the real blockchain...
A one way channel to copy the blockchain...just like a mirror dimension.

Thanks for your information @dragosroua

Oh ~ congraculation @dragosroua .nice to meet you. Many great posts and texts. It will help you get a lot up and give many profits. Your results are very good. Go ahead. There are many beautiful days waiting for you.

By @bestrakibul2

good research!

When will it reflect in the steem price, it is matter of time or the market manipulation like bitmex is doing with bitcoin?

The price of STEEM might not be where we like but the development is flying high. With the hardfork, SMT's and hopefully hivemind on the cards the team is obviously putting in the work behind the scenes. Pair that with all the apps and user developments that are appearing everyday and you have to say that the blockchain is moving in the right direction.

For me it's about the value of the blockchain rather than the price of the token.

All the markets are shot at the moment but looking long term we are building a better product.

well those who know the project and the work going on behind the scenes they know how potential steem blockchain really is :)

Thank you man. You done great update news. Hope it is very helpful for all steem user.

well thats great news for us 😍 new things are comming right ??

You are a very talented person on steemit,,,,very great updates from you....thanks for sharing this excellent post,,,,everyone thankful to you for great updates,,,,