SteemCity Second Alpha Batch Testing Is Open

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According to our roadmap, today is the day when we're opening the gates to the second alpha testing group, in a stretch that will last until September 10th. All you have to do in order to join our Slack is to follow this link:

join the second alpha testing group

link will expire in 29 days, so there's plenty of time.

As of now, the app is still not ready for production but the main code for user management (integration with the Steemit blockchain) is in place and has been tested for a few weeks. I will refer again to the and remind you what to expect until September 10th:

We will open the gates to at least 200 more alpha testers and we will extensively test:

  • community creation, evolution and rewards
  • UI features
  • posting with extensive features (WYSIWYG editor with drag and drop images)

The focus will be on user interface and we will try to collect as much feedback as possible. The visuals will still be accessible only to the alpha testers.

Once you join the slack, the first think you should do is to join the '#alpha' channel, that's where all the fun will be, for the next few months.

For those of you unaware, is a project aiming to bring a community layer on top of the current Steemit experience, based on the arbitrary split of rewards feature introduced in HF 17/18.

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Signed up, joined #alpha and keen to learn more ☺️

I just joined the slack group.
I can't wait to see what will come from steem city but it sounds good! :)


Hey you, habla Español?

another day, another app! upvoted and good luck ! will keep an eye on

ok i'm in ! let's see what is this about

Sir Thanks for timely info.

Fun! I really like Slack. I've signed up and joined the #alpha channel.

Checking more about this