Steem Velocity Hardfork (20) Announced For September 25th

in steemit •  3 months ago

In a post published minutes ago on the @steemitblog account, the next major hardfork of the Steem blockchain was set up to take place on September 25th, at 11:00 AM.

I am still digesting the changes proposed in the article, and I will come up with a more detailed article about them, but I thought it's worth knowing the date first. It gives a lot of perspective and makes things more manageable.

Two things that are sure, though:

  • there will be a Testnet launched before the official implementation of the Hardfork (this never happened before)
  • no SMTs in this HF

Steem on!

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Time to start gearing up for a flood n new minnows.

Dust off all those old - how do tutorials, and prepare for the spamming.

Personally I'm going to befriend all the whales by selling them harpoon proof vests.

I'm looking forward for that

Well lot of changes there time to study it in details for sure thanks for sharing this update

That't nice, I really hope it will turn out okay! And right before the Steemfest so the Steem developers will be able to finally take a well deserved break!

It's great to have a target date at last. I don't mind if it slips if they find problems,but preferably not too much

Good news or bad news?

Even if it’s only a date, these are good news indeed.

The target date gives us something to look forward to as others have said, really hoping the curation changes have a positive effect

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Hopefully, this HF will bring the more exciting feature to steemit.

Wao thats a great news i am waiting for this :)

You already have a date, so the countdown starts !!