STEEM Briefly Hovering Above 10,000 Satoshis, Stabilized At 9,769

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STEEM uptrend (somehow against the market, as I wrote previously) is continuing - fortunately. During the last 8 hours, STEEM appreciated another 1k satoshis, briefly hovering over 10,000 only to come down to about 9,769 satoshis (at the moment of writing).

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 11.21.37 AM.png

The presence of STEEM on Huobi, as well as the new exchange announced with STEEM being the main trading pair, @freedomex, may have played a significant role in this appreciation. Volume, although not spectacular, is relevant and may allow further stabilization above 10,000.

In fiat, STEEM is trading at around $0.38 at the moment of writing.

It's way too early to talk about a decoupling of STEEM from other market assets, Bitcoin essentially, because we will need a stable and relevant (millions of $) influx of fiat into the liquidity pool for this to actually happen, but one can dream about it, right?

Steem on!

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Closer and closer to the moon and it is not a gentleman's dream, it is real.

We Are with the Right Crypto Currency @dragosroua

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They are dreams that we all share and are soon to materialize. Steem has a good future!

Dreams come to pass, so I know that with time steem will decouple from bitcoin.

Regarding dreams about Steem and its long awaited mooning I have quite a few as well. It has had quiet a few pumps in the recent weeks and hopefully will stabilize at around 50 cents until "the great bull run" comes. Buy the rumor sell the news seems to work very well in trading lately. XRP has had also its pump after the Coinbase Pro listed it.

Yeah, the market in its entirety seems to be preparing for some jumps. Let's see.

Steem is now showing its potential why it is a viable blockchain for sustainable growth @dragosroua

Seeing that STEEM is at 0.403 at the time I read this, the future looks brighter here.

Great. At the moment of me replying your post now, I can say the good news is that steem is rising above the 0.38$ now and e hit 0.40$. I will he wishing steem hit 0.6-0.8$ before I wake up tomorrow morning. That will be a good news to start the day well. Thanks for sharing this with us and keeping us informed

steem will rise further march is going to be awesome for steem : )

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