Save The Date: The Next 30 Days Challenge Starts Monday, May 20! 90,000 SNAX In Prizes!

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It was a long time since I did a 30 days challenge here on Steemit, and the recent launch of the SNAX network (in which I am a block producer) gave me the perfect pretext to start one. If you don't know anything about these writing challenges, let me line out the details:

  • you need to write an article on a give topic every day, for 30 days in a row
  • you need to tag your post with a certain tag/tags, in order for me to see it
  • there will be some sort of daily reward for the top post (I will be the judge of that)

Now, that you know the basics, let's see how this will decline in this writing challenge:

  • you will still need to write an article on a given topic every day, for 30 days in a row (I will provide the topic, in the form of a question, every day)
  • you need to tag your post with the following two tags: #challenge30days and #snax (You can of course add more tags to your post, but these two are mandatory for the challenge)
  • your post needs to be at least 300 words long and include a link to one of the SNAX websites (the main site, white paper, or the block explorer)
  • you need to link your Steem account with a SNAX account and post it in the article, so I know where to send the rewards, if your post make it to the top list (see the next bullet point)
  • the daily reward will be 3,000 SNAX, split in 3 prizes, 1,000 SNAX for each author. So, you can get 1,000 SNAX every day, if you make it to the top list every day

The Shortest FAQ Ever

Q: can I participate in the challenge without a SNAX account?
A: nope, you need to have your STEEM account linked with the SNAX account

Q: can I get rewarded more than once?
A: yes, you can, if you write interesting content (I will be the judge of that)

Q: what do you consider a "day", from the 30 days challenge?
A: the interval between 00:00 UTC, and 23.59 UTC - do your homework and post under this specific time interval, otherwise your posts may not be taken into consideration

Q: how often you'll be publish questions?
A: every day, for the following day

The First Question

And here is the first question:

1. When did you first hear about SNAX and in what context?

Don't start writing right now, but do think about it. Post it tomorrow, Monday 20th May, between 00:00 UTC and 23:59 UTC.

Good luck!

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

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That sound like great contest

Oh my, you gamed me on this, I still don't have a snax account yet.

I'll work on it this evening.

Hey, @dragosroua!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steem community project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!

Additional comment: We are looking forward to see how this will go on, and hope to see many cool topics and responses!

Me too, thanks for your support!

Little question. How do I post my Snax account to a post? I have the same name on Snax and on Steemit.

add something like this: "My SNAX account is your_snax_account".

Thanks for the reply ;-)

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This is the second post I've seen about SNAX and now I'm quite curious to learn more about it. Granted, I haven't been around lately but better late than never, right?

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Welcome back! Just stick around and look at the posts in the challenge, there are some real jems in it.

Oh what a cool contest. That question one have already disqualified me

I am finding it difficult to sign up on the snax. I have downloaded the extension in chrome using my andriod phone but whenever I visit the sign up page, it still show that I needbto install wallet

Did you try to post this issue on SNAX discord? There might be someone there able to help you, I hope.

Snax can not be used on mobile, but we are working on it. You can sign up on desktop, use twitter/steem on mobile as usual and you will receive publisher rewards

Not on mobile? What? In this century? Am on mobile. So?

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