PA: Steem.Supply Is Back Up Again

in steemit •  7 months ago

At some point today I observed that wasn't working correctly. But since I'm on some sort of a road trip (which means I can hardly have access to Internet) I had to wait for the right moment (and place) to check the site health. I just finished the health check a few seconds ago and identified the problem (limited space on some of my hard drives)

At the moment of writing, the problem was solved and the service was functional 100%.

Thanks to all of you who pointed this out.

Steem on!

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Dragos Roua

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Finally, was sort of feeling lost without it :D

Seriously that is nice inform . I use this service .
I am works well . Thanks for sharing @dragosroua

I use this service. Works well. Thank you!

hey man, thanks for fixing it!

It's working like a charm right now. Thanks for the quick rectification. @dragosroua

I use Steem Supply daily, and I was wondering if it got shut down yesterday.

It's a great tool to see when you'll get your rewards.

It can save you lots of time.

Still in sunday mood.
Praise the Lord, Alleluia.

let me check and inform you it is working properly or not.


Dear its good news for the community its great

Thank you. I think its everyones go to app :-)

Nice work!

Never new there exists a site to calculate potential reward... Its a lovely free service.

Thank u sir by ur new to steem post. As i am new on this platform.........thanks a lot

it is working fine @dragosroua, But my question is why showing my account value 7,752 USD. Is it also calculating the value of deligated steem?


Sir sorry for weird question but for which purpose we use ?

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