New Steemd Version 0.19.10 - What's New And Why It Matters

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A few hours ago a new version of the Steemd blockchain has been released by the dev team on the public Github repository:

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 3.17.27 PM.png

The release, codenamed identically with the previous one, because there is no hardfork, just an incremental improvement, introduces a few significant improvements.

First of all, the way the blockchain is queried by various clients (from the website, to all other apps) has changed and it is now using AppBase. A few APIs have been deprecated and a new one, condenser_api has been added. third party apps should work the same.

Also, the way account_history was handled can now be handled using RocksDB, instead of Boost. This should lead to increased performance and speed.

Last, but not least, there are a few checks and balances to avoid the steemd daemon to stop if the state file reaches the maximum size allocated in the configuration file. Instead, the blockchain now intelligently increase the storage space, on the fly. As someone who ran into the "out of storage space" issue more than once since I maintain a witness node (which is more than a year now) I consider this to be the biggest improvement of this release.

On another note, this is an optional release, s I'm not going to use it in production yet, but I will play with it on a backup machine.

There are a few witnesses which already upgraded to it: @good-karma, @ausbitbank, @bhuz and @steemed, all the others are using the last stable version, 0.19.5.

All in all, although this is not a change as big as the expected hardfork 20, from a strategic, business point of view, it's a very good news, indicating the devs are constantly at work, and all the promises we heard from them are respected.

Steem on!

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It's good to see development progressing. I hope we will see hf20 in the next few months. That could give the platform a boost


A mega boost..

This week within a single 24hr period, BitShares mainnet broke is old record by processing 1,598,882 transactions, which averages to roughly 18.5 transactions per second (TPS). Currently, the BitShares blockchain ranks second behind Steem, which holds the record for 2,068,341 transactions within 24 hours (23.9 TPS).

You are right, it may not be as big as hardfork 20 but it is an indicator of Dev team working for the promised betterment ...
Small regular updates can sum up into something big:)

Very glad to see that, to tell you the truth, its the underlying factor of seeing the platform i am using is increasing in strenght by the day that makes me happy.
Many terms used above, i dont understand them.
First time ill be seeing the word "deprecate" had to check it in the dictionary.
In two years to come, ill become a witness on steemit.

Looks great man. Thanks for keeping us in the know!!

Had some high hopes from this update but its not that much but still ok the team is working that's matters

Can this change of steemd is more easy than old?

oh that's good, i hope now we will never have the issue we had recent days.

Thank you Sir thank you so much how are you Alhamdulillah I'm good at your post is very nice you can post very well, I follow your post and try to learn something new. Many many beautiful wishes to convince you and my congratulations to you

It is a good news for all.steemd is helpful for steemears

Looks good..thanks for the update...

Its good for any project to have a active github ! Thansk for sharing the information !

I hope this update will solve the transactions problems :)