First Mobile Wallet For SNAX Is Here, And On ProductHunt As Well

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Some of you asked me about the current status of the SNAX blockchain and what other things are happening in that ecosystem. I'm happy to announce you today that the first mobile wallet for SNAX, called Nabla, is available on Google Play, and, if you are active there, on Product Hunt too.

As a matter of fact, I think Product Hunt is a very important place if you launch a new app these days, so if you followed my involvement in SNAX and my last 30 days writing challenge, I invite you to check out Nabla's page on Product Hunt. While you are there, feel free to upvote them, every little interaction counts.

If you're on Android you can install the app right away, for those on iOS we have to wait a bit more.


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Dragos Roua

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That's simply awesome!

Just installed on Android and asked for beta testing iOS... love it!

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I have lost my SNAX browser extension :( Hope I could find a way to recover the wallet!


You didn't save your passwords?

First rule of crypto, always backup your passwords.

I think I did! But still forget in which PC lol :D Thanks of this info!


keep backups in paper form too, hard-drives fail a lot.

If you saved your password you should be able to get it back.

I think I saved it somewhere, wanna dig that :/ Thanks for the tip!


A key is required to restore the add-on or to install Nabla. Otherwise you won't get to your original wallet

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I am really pleased with the amount of Snax i have been earning so far.
But i need to know a few things:

  1. is SNAX tradeable?
  2. On what exchange can i trade it?
  3. Will it be listed on steem-engine?
  4. How do i know the dollar worth of the SNAX am holding?

Would be glad if you can shed some light on these. Thanks!

That sounds so cool to me, I've wanted to ask you about it for a while.