Did Someone Just Called 911 For Steemit?

in steemit •  2 years ago 

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Because, as you can see, the market responded swiftly to the call. The only mistake they did was to put a "." before the number. That's not cool, markets, not cool.

Now, if the same person would be kind enough to call 9.11 (with a dot between 9 and 11, that is), I'd be really, really grateful.

And if you think $9.11 is too big of a price for Steem, just remember that exactly one year ago, Ethereum was trading at $11. And now it's NOT 10 times higher than that, but 28 times higher.

Steem on!

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I have a bunch of money freeing up next week...I need STEEM to stay under $0.90 for just a little while longer. Let's make some posts about how it's a scam :-P

mwahahahahaha :) that was funnier!

It seems that the only thing I am writing about the past few days is the potential of steem and this blockchain. There is so much negativity going on around here, you would think the world is ending.

The people complaining the price is too low are the same ones who were whining that the whales were lucky to be able to buy steem so cheap and power up. Of course, are they powering up themselves now it is on sale? Nope...just whining.

As for your assessment, I will be truly surprised if Steem doesnt have a ten fold increase over the next 12 months. There is enough development going on that the apps will garner a lot of attention. It truly will go on a run.

Thanks for your post.

There is so much negativity going on around here, you would think the world is ending.

Welcome to the world of "good ol' fashioned Steemit". It used to be much worse 6 months or 9 months ago.

Luckily, the ones that are really thriving here are the silent, resilient and "opportunistic" ones. Meaning the ones who are not engaging in the (most of the time artificial) controversies, but generate constant revenue and growing their stake silently.

I understand. Those who do, do, those who dont, complain about those who do.

I am trying to grow my stake although I am rarely silent. It might be time for me to write another whale post...Unlike many I do not besmirch the success of others. And I have found that most of the whales are looking to grow this place in their own way. Sure they take the lion's share of the revenue stream yet few realize the risk they took a year ago powering up.

To me, steem at this point carries little long term risk. The blockchain will be a success with a ton of activity on it. I just wish my resources were such that I could power up quicker. Alas, I will just have to compensate for it by posting and creating more content.

Thanks for your feedback.

Maybe people are getting ahead of themselves anyway. We've already gained more than 10x from our lowest point in 2017, even with the recent dip. From $0.07 steems to $0.90 steems in less than a year is great stuff... if we had that kind of growth next year, we'd see $9!

I think like you are saying, steem is a great long term investment.

I am bootstrapping, earning what I can here, which has been fractions of cents, then powering up the tiny amounts that come in. No one reads my posts so I post encouraging comments on other peoples posts. I find keeping a positive attitude and being as consistent as I can is helpful. I did buy a small amount of Steem but it was up, a newbie mistake.

Big thank you to @retuca @diagosioua @oldtimer for the kind upvotes.

I’m still happily buying some at least a few times per month. It was nice to pick up about 100 STEEM for less than $100 this morning! Just couldn’t resist.

I. Hear. You.

But still... :)

why have a decimal point at all?

now we're talking :)

Lol that's really funny. Price is around $0.91159 coinmarketcap too. :-)

That price is pulled from Coinmarketcap API.

I'm hoping that at some point it will start going back up.

After the Bitcoin fork is done, most likely.

I think the punctuation marks should be placed like this: 911.0

I don't think the markets are ready for that yet, but I really like how you think :)

Markets have little time to prepare :)

I do not know cryptos as much as you, @dragosroua, but I do know Ether evaluation is high because many tokens is based on it. Steem is for Steemit ecosystem. I do hope Steem rises but doubt it will go as high as Ether. I do hope I am wrong.

My predictions for a sharp increase in the price of Steem are based on the same mechanics that pushed Ethereum so high. I totally agree with the fact that Ethereum rose because of the tokens that used it as a backend.

But that's exactly what Steemit does with Smart Media Tokens.

"And if you think $9.11 is too big of a price for Steem, just remember that exactly one year ago, Ethereum was trading at $11. And now it's NOT 10 times higher than that, but 28 times higher." ------Absolutely agree!! Especially if the other does not have .. ..)))


I actually think the way things are going, $9.11/STEEM is not unrealistic within a couple of years.

Forget $9.11, I want to see the $911! LOL

This market value drop also affecting our pending payout. The amount is being reduced although there is not downvote.

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