BrainFuck Question Of The Day - Get A Full Upsteem (Limited To The First 3 Answers, And Only If You Decode It First)

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Welcome to the eleventh day of my BrainFuck challenge. I will be honest with you: I waited a bit on this one, to see if you are ready ;) I even wanted to take it ten minutes before midnight, but I got sleepy, so I said, ok, let's do it now.

So, for those of you unaware, BrainFuck is an actual programming language, invented in the last century, which features only 8 instructions (or opcodes). It's a complete turing machine, meaning that any computable task can be written in it, given we have enough storage and time (which would be questionable, at least). Nevertheless, it's a fun way to create small riddles, like the ones I've been creating for the last ten days (please refer to the end of the articles for details).

Today we're continuing the series of questions related to Steemit, again, a technical one:


If you don't know what this is about, have a look at the first and the second post, hopefully you'll understand more.

And If you're here for the first time, well, this post means I will just post a code snippet, written in a programming language called BrainFuck (like, really) and your task is to run that program, find the question (the program will only output a question) and come back here to respond in the comments.

The first three answers get a full upsteem from me.


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Well... why not? Everything makes our life easier is welcomed! Is it that possible on Steemit?


Thanks for playing, got my first upsteem. Not yet, but there are discussions about it.

Smart contracts would be a great addition to this platform. It would put SBD to good use, steemians would be able to provide services to each other even exchange of goods who knows :)


Thanks for playing and for your detailed answer, got my full upsteem!


Thank you! :)

Well, I really don't know anything about these things :D So I wouldn't know if it would fit on steemit.


Thanks for playing :) Full upsteem.

It would be pretty cool to see it on steem.
I think they are really useful and helpful solving many problems.
Let's see what happens with EOS Waves ETH and tezos since most of them will have a bright future as its less hassle to use a smart contract than doing things yourself


Thanks for playing, a bit late, but I liked your answer, so, full upsteem too :)

Good questions! The day we see this used on Steem will be very useful! I think so.

I have no idea what one is. Now I have to do some research. . sigh


Researched...still not sure.
But, I guess it would help with SteemGig sort of thing or selling stuff. Which I would be for.

ahhhh....i'm too young in this CC world for this question... :(

You need to be a programmer

ok i see ur first post and try to understand ur brain fuck challenge dragosroua

well its about smart contracts but i not guite understand the smart contracts functionality.

Great post , thanks @dragosroua to adding great value to this smart community

give us any link to solve it sir


google is your friend ... at least for a moment soon will be like Romania before 1989 :))

i never knew anything about in details so can't say anything about it would see other people comments on this