BrainFuck Question Of The Day - First Three Answers Get A Full Upsteem From Me (But You Have To Decode It First)

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Welcome to the twelfth day of my BrainFuck challenge. Since I started this game, I distributed approximately $45 in rewards and I'm happy to distribute even more.

For those of you unaware, BrainFuck is a real programming language, invented in the last century, which features only 8 instructions (or opcodes). It's a complete turing machine, meaning that any computable task can be written in it, given that we have enough storage and time (which would be questionable, at least).

Anyways, it's a fun way to create small riddles, like the ones I've been creating for the last ten days (please refer to the end of the articles for details).

Today I prepared a question which will require total honesty from you:


If you don't know what this is about, have a look at the first and the second post, hopefully you'll understand more.

And If you're here for the first time, well, this post means I will just post a code snippet, written in a programming language called BrainFuck (like, really) and your task is to run that program, find the question (the program will only output a question) and come back here to respond in the comments.

The first three answers get a full upsteem from me.


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By my own will probably 1 time. But heard it a thousand times lol

None. I don't know who that is.

I must be out of the loop.


Yup... did a search. I am really out of the loop. Not a "who".

I would say I have listened to it like 10 times, really cool song though :)

Too many times but I'm so addicted to it
I'm listening to subeme la radio now
It is equally good

not listen yet sir

Many, many times. Although mainly the Madilyn Bailey acoustic cover. It's Spotify's fault. It's on all the playlists!


Twice, but the world has 3,144,306,171 times!!!

haha to be honest only 5 times but didn't understand the lyrics hahah

Countless :))

Honestly just what I hear on the radio in the car, otherwise I do not listen. I am a visual guy.

way too many times, they play it everywhere from radios to gyms, stores..

I dont know what that is.

1 time for 10 seconds

none, i need to google to find out what's that :D

Over 20 times I guess, nice song :)

heard it a thousand times lol
great song tho receives about 140,000 unique visitors per day

It's very hard, now I understand why it's called BrainFuck

How many times have you listened to Despacito so far? Be honest!

no i listen if first time from u sir

I haven't listened to it before, in fact I just got to hearing about it now. Will try to listen after now.

Friend of my support, for me who wrote. I need help from all friend, @ yoora, like. I will try my best in stringing words with the encouragement from esteem friend who faithful and can take me like you.

Mmm what is this??? I am like missing out on some real shit

Dear @dragosroua, could you check private message and accept the escrow? Thanks for disturbing here, just trying to wake you up :)


Hi, I have no idea what you're talking about. I am not involved in any transaction, nor do I want to.


Strange. On you are listed as escrow partner.


Yes, that means I can be an agent for escrow transactions that I know about. I am able to validate transactions, but not just any transactions, for no matter who. I first need to know that person, to see if there's not scamming involved, to be announced beforehand about the conditions of the transaction, etc.

Maybe you misunderstood how escrow works all together...


@ashaman explained it to me, I had zero knowledge and didn't know that I have to inform you beforehand.

So funny... I heard it today for the first time. While checking out some Rob Landes videos on youtube. (like 4 hours ago)

Many of you see live-blogging from Steem Park in Brooklyn, New York also that @voronoi and @hansikhouse are developed and announced via @hitheryon. Is this a billboard type ad or is it the beginning of a true community in the heart of NYC? Communities can trigger sparks, sparks and a lot of hard work to cause hot pockets, and these hot pockets around the globe will bring the growth of the virus into the Steem ecosystem as more people share it with others

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