BrainFuck Question Of The Day: Decode It And Get A Full Upsteem From Me (3 Slots Available)

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Welcome to the thirteenth day of my BrainFuck challenge. I skipped one day, but had good reasons, got stuck in traffic for 6 hours. Which gave me plenty of time to think about the next question, to be honest.

So, for those of you unaware, BrainFuck is an actual programming language, invented in the last century, which features only 8 instructions (or opcodes). It's a complete turing machine, meaning that any computable task can be written in it, given we have enough storage and time (which would be questionable, at least). Nevertheless, it's a fun way to create small riddles, like the ones I've been creating for the last ten days (please refer to the end of the articles for details).

Today's question is still Steemit related, but in a more subtle way:


If you don't know what this is about, have a look at the first and the second post, hopefully you'll understand more.

And If you're here for the first time, well, this post means I will just post a code snippet, written in a programming language called BrainFuck (like, really) and your task is to run that program, find the question (the program will only output a question) and come back here to respond in the comments.

The first three answers get a full upsteem from me.


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Yes even more so


Thanks for playing, full upsteem from me :)


Thank you !

Hell yeah!


Thanks for playing, got my full upsteem :)


Thanks, didn't know about BrainFuck until a few days ago ;-)

I will understand that the addiction is real and that's why I keep coming back. Just add more sugar and cream!


Thanks for playing, just be careful with that sugar, though. Coffee is fine, sugar, not so much ;) Full upsteem from me :)


Hahaha touché! Thanks for the upsteem! This vote elevated me to reputation level 60. I was at reputation 59.999 prior to that vote! You are the best!

I am not a coffee drinker but will do it for steemit


I keep commenting in fourth position, no wonder I am an Arsenal fan!

Of course.
It explains my addiction.

All the more reasons to do it. Live Steemit is not addictive enough you wanna add one more dimension to it?

Every time i get upvotes is like i get caffeine and it gives me good feeling :D so yehhh

Yeah, I would still do it as I love coffee and tea, especially flavored tea :)

Steem, Caffeine, Have fun, Repeat!

yep i understand it some but i found only on digit not in english words i more try it but dont give me some links for to read its properly i wana include in challenge sir

Great challenge @dragosroua thanks for sharing

Your hansome

If they find out Steemit contains caffeine, will you still do it?

what a strange contest!

Dammm yes