BrainFuck Question Of The Day - Answer It First, And Get A Full Upsteem (Limited To The First 3 Answers)

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Welcome to the tenth day of my BrainFuck challenge.

For those of you unaware, BrainFuck is an actual programming language, invented in the last century, which features only 8 instructions (or opcodes). It's a complete turing machine, meaning that any computable task can be written in it, given we have enough storage and time (which would be questionable, at least). Nevertheless, it's a fun way to create small riddles, like the ones I've been creating for the last nine days (please refer to the end of the articles for details).

Today we're continuing the series of questions related to Steemit:


If you don't know what this is about, have a look at the first and the second post, hopefully you'll understand more.

And If you're here for the first time, well, this post means I will just post a code snippet, written in a programming language called BrainFuck (like, really) and your task is to run that program, find the question (the program will only output a question) and come back here to respond in the comments.

The first three answers get a full upsteem from me.


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Dragos Roua

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If you're new to Steemit, you may find these articles relevant (that's also part of my witness activity to support new members of the platform):

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I used to dedicate 2-3 hours of my day to Steemit but these days, only about 1 hour or so :(


Congrats for making it, full upsteem from me, thanks for playing :)

To be honest I think I spend a solid 8 hours here on steemit.
Too much time nonetheless


Interesting, why do you say it's too much time? Full upsteem, by the way, congrats for making it today :)

About 1.5 hours :)


Hey, what a nice surprise to see you participating in my challenge, thanks for playing, full upsteem :)


Thank you!
What about you? How long do you spend on Steemit?


Between 2 and 3 hours, including my witness duties.

Probably something like 4 hours or more sometimes :D


You were quite close, but came in fourth. Full upsteem for perseverance, though, so we're cool :)


Haha thanks :)

I'm sorry I'm just finding out about this and it's your tenth one! I love these types of things, actually it reminded me of a program someone on here had, text to binary:


Beautiful answer, although you came here late, I'm supplementing, so you, got a full upsteem too. Thanks for playing and nice to see you're still around :)


Why, thank you! I am still here, in fact I no longer just post fiction, I've branched out into photography :)

Are you continuing these? You did say ten in your initial post, but I didn't read anything in this one to suggest you're stopping.

Man people are quick!! haha

Answer: Around 2, usually, but if I am stuck indoors due to the weather, probably more!


You're not supposed to give the translation of the question :)))


Oops sorry :( I noticed that and edited, so think it cost me time. Boo :( Also seems like my post time says 8 minutes ago, but people posting 12 minutes ago got the rewards. Not sure how it works though.


Oh I see, the posts are not always in order by time or something. I think I need more caffeine :)

nearly 3 to 4 if free in evening time

Yes quick indeed :), I guess 1 hour for me.

5-8 hours i know a lot... hope to worth the time :D

I spend about 3 hours here in steemit

between 3-4 hours?