A Pledge To List STEEM On The Upcoming Bankera Exchange

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As I wrote a few times, Bankera (formerly known as Spectrocoin) is launching a crypto powered bank. They had one of the most successful ICOs for their token, BNK, with more than $100 million raised and more than 100,000 subscribers (which probably makes it the biggest ICO in terms of participants).

One of the parts of the ecosystem Bankera is building is an exchange. Primarily, it will be used for exchanging BNK (or BTC / ETH / NEM) to fiat, but it may also be used to trade different crypto pairs together.

I recently contacted the representative of this exchange, with the intention to propose STEEM as one of their listed tokens. What I learned is that they are open to list new tokens, but the actual application must be done by the "token creator". By that I think they mean some official representative. Although I am witness on the STEEM blockchain for more than a year, I don't think I qualify as "an official", hence the reason for this post. While I can't make the proposal, I volunteer myself to help them set up the exchange node.

But first of all, let's see what are the potential advantages of STEEM being listed on this exchange (which is in demo at this moment, will be launched officially in a few weeks).

Why Another Exchange For STEEM?

  • the more, the merrier, having multiple points of exposure to the market can only help STEEM
  • Bankera ICO had more than 100,000 subscribers, which, most likely, will want to at least try to trade their tokens for a while. Exposing STEEM to a potential market of 100,000 potential traders would be an interesting experiment
  • the future exchange will belong to a "crypto bank", that means the path STEEM - fiat can be shortened drastically by being on their exchange from day one
  • maybe other, potential deals: Bankera became known first for their Spectrocoin crypto cards, and, who knows, maybe this listing on their exchange can open discussions for having a STEEM wallet on their Spectrocoin product as well (which, by the way, already has a working IBAN attached - and, according to Bankera officials, new, contactless cards will be distributed to previous Spectrocoin holders in the following months)

How To Do It?

This one is for @ned, @sneak, @andrarchy or whoever can forward this post to them:

1. If you are @ned, @sneak, or other "official" person from Steemit INC, fill in the form here:


Do NOT fill this in if you have no association with Steemit, or if you're a regular Steemian, they need an official representative to fill in that form!

2. Let us know you did that, so we can start promoting STEEM (there's no voting involved yet, but at least we can lobby).

What Can You Do?

Like I said, if you're @ned, @sneak or other official person of Steemit INC, fill in the form linked above and let us know you did it.

If you're not one of those guys, try to push this post to a "decision factor" (that sounded awful, but couldn't find anything better) on Steemit INC.

Re-steem this, so we can gauge the sentiment on other Steemians (do they consider this as a good thing? if yes, do they have other, more direct ways to do it?)

Steem on!

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

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Thank you!

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Awesome initiative man! I hope this gets the devs attention.

Since you are a witness for more then a year, you should be consider as "an official" for Steemit!
Great Intitiative as this can give our platform a great exposure and it will make Steem more known and used... and this is what we want!
As usual you rock Dragos!😉

this sounds like a great project, I hadn't come across Bankera before but definitely worth looking into. And to get Steem on their exchange would be amazing! Im really interested to see how the development of "banking" crypto flushes out because I think it has a multitude of applications beyond exchanges. In my mind a global crypto bank would be the most ambitious to make, but I do think some day it will happen - meaning it would operate for all currencies around the world, between fiat, crypto, and maybe even asset leverage. We may never see it to the full extent, but I think a bank that is able to do this would eventually support banking for a full global economies. Either that or eventually fiat dies out in 20 years and we're all using digital crypto payments of various natures via SMS, apps and other contactless means ;)

I really hope this post will reach @ned or @sneak or anybody withinf Steemit Inc even though I believe there are few chances for that. Will try to resteem, even though I have a few followers.

All your points are sound. Do you believe in the dev team at bankera as a long term crypto solution, because if they dissolve soon after launch it could have an equally devastating effect on the steem market. Right? Good work. @dragosroua

We need Steem everywhere , this year I already see it expanding . I hope the price rises as well

right with you on this one @dragosroua. the more, the merrier for STEEM. I really hope the price would increase as well! 😀

This is good stuff. Hope @ned, @sneak, @andrarchy will see thus and fill the form

I agree with 'the more the merrier!'

Resteemed. although if you can't reach these people @dragosroua I'm pretty certain I can't. But you never know who might drop by I suppose. 😊

Very interesting information I really like your blog

Bankera's future looking really bright, Steem should be on their exchange.

Bankera exchange its good idea because it have a lot of user

Awesome initiative man! I hope this gets the devs attention.

the more is definitely the merrier for sure lets hope it get added there too :)

Another exchange for steem is a great idea. I love it!

OMG, it's great, Now steem will go to moon :)

Its a very interesting information to know about how to fill your form and also related toBankera.

My opinion might not qualify but I'm up for anything that will help steemit grow.

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Commendable job, really! Hope it draws the devs' attention.

Listing Steem and Steem Dollars on Bankera's exchange will give more exposure and this is always good news!

I 100% agree that the more exchanges Steem is on, the better. Just increases exposure for people that may want to invest in the platform but not be posters.

Well hope they gets this message and we get to see Steem at a new exchange !