Witness Update DragosRoua

in steemit •  2 months ago 

Technical and Economical

  • continued to subsidize, for the 45th week in a row, as the witness revenue is not matching the hardware expenses, but I feel like STEEM is preparing to bounce back
  • kept the block size at 65,535
  • kept the registration fee at 3 STEEM
  • kept the SBD interest at 0%

I am on the 57th position, one spot from last week, thank you for your support.

If you like what I'm doing for this community, you can vote for me here.

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Wow, does this mean you are personally subsidizing part of the steemit blockchain? All this year?

Steem price is looking like its lowest ever. Will it ever rebound. I personally doubt the alts, and steem, will ever see their old highs in price. What is your insight at your level?

I'm supporting the blockchain because I believe in the idea, and, lately, I started to believe in execution too. That means I AM expecting a ROI, sometimes in the future.

As for the alts, well, a lot of them will burn to ashes, especially those launched on poor market analysis during the ICO frenzy. But some of them will survive and do better. I think STEEM will be amongst them. If you ask me how much one STEEM will worth, I have no idea. I just hope it will be enough to cover my expenses so far and mark a bit of a profit.