Witness Update - DragosRoua

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Technical and Economical

  • continued to subsidize, for the 38th week in a row, as the witness revenue is not matching the hardware expenses
  • kept my both nodes, main and backup, running smoothly, with no missed blocks
  • kept the block size at 65,535
  • kept the registration fee at 3 STEEM
  • kept the SBD interest at 0%

In anticipation of the new HF 21 I updated my main node to run the 0.21.0 version of the blockchain, so far without any problems. My backup node is still running 0.20.10, just in case.

I am on the 67h position, three spots down from last week.

If you like what I'm doing for this community, you can vote for me here.

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You are doing a great and positive thing for this platform and you are also devoted to the success of the steemit community . Keep it up I will definately vote for you as my witness

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