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Steemit chat has had its limitations on the growth of the community. With many users not using the same username as their steemit username, as well as the struggle of having to use a mobile device of open it up and use it.

Having this server for everyone to connect to will help to avoid many problems that can't fix. So here is the information you will need about the server.

If you do not stay in Africa, do not bother trying to join. There are some exceptions, but do not try your luck.

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To join just simply follow the instructions on the welcome page of the server, or simply message @dragonslayer109 once you have pressed the link and I will be able to give you permission to join the other channels.

For anyone joining the servers FQA is there where you can ask any questions you like.

Find the link to the server at the bottom of this post.

Chat rules:

Please carefully read through these rules before engaging in conversation.

  1. Do not insult, belittle, or abuse your fellow community members. Any reports of abuse will not be taken lightly and will lead to a ban.

  2. Our Moderators and Administrators are kind enough to volunteer their time to help keep this a great community for everyone. Respect them or you will result be banned.

  3. general is for common discussion, support questions, and lending help to others. NO STEEMIT LINKS are allowed in general! Please use postpromotion for your Steemit links.

  4. No vulgar language, porn, racism or violence is allowed - this server is 13+

  5. Spam will not be tolerated.

  6. Vote/follow begging is highly frowned upon.

  7. If you feel like doing something bad that is not mentioned in the rules, do not do it, as you will be braking this rule and will be banned.

Any issues contact the Admin. Any Admin or Mod abuse is to be submitted to the Leaders or Founder. Any other questions please contact a Mod or Admin.

Follow the announcement board in announcements to check out all the new things that are happening on the server and in the community. There will be challenges and contests put up as well so check it our everyday. If you want to submit anything into this channel please contact one of the Leaders or the Founder.

Infractions and Bans:

Bans will be issued after one serious infraction or failing to acknowledge warnings of minor infractions. This is non-negotiable.

If you are banned you may appeal for a ban removal.
You will need to submit both your name and the name of the person who banned you as well as the reason and why you feel I should take the ban away.

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The Goal:

The goal is to have all the subcommunities under one big community, this will allow users to interact better with each other as well as make their life easier by only needing to go to on place to get all the information they need.

I want to see separate channels for each subcommunity, this will only happen in the future as each subcommunity grows and develops. Each subcommunity will have their leaders to manage their channels as well as their members.

Let us unite the whole of Africa for a brighter future and a brighter steemit for all.


Our first community.

The Kitchen: For the Foodies by the Foodies...African Original Food Content Authors Only!!! Copy Pasta is not welcome here!!!

This is one of our first subcommunities that have arrived on the discord server so far, it is run by @progressivechef who is a really awesome food loving guy.

Join United Africa on Discord:

Improvements to the server will be made. So stay tuned.

For those wondering about the community and channels. They will still be running as usual till a time that they are no longer used.


@dragonslayer109 - This is a great next step to empower community interaction even more. I will try to spend as much time I can interacting in the discord channel. Let us make this a very vibrant community!

Thanks for all the initiative for Africa. Kudos. Upvoted full.



Will be interesting to see how fast this grows.

Yes. I think the connectivity will play some part. However, I am seeing a lot of members from different parts of Africa getting on Discord channels. That is encouraging. Perhaps, some may not be able to use voice rooms or video streaming but basic connectivity would hopefully work well.



People from Africa will help each outhers - upvote posts, resteem and follow, this is an intention to do this chat?

Great discord server. Keep up the good work.

Too much blessings in one post!

Seems people really don't chat in the steemit chat group.

Cant wait to Join the discord chat.

I wont feel like doing bad things... lol



I really love this and I can't wait to see it done

Thanks for the leadership,we are already liking the Discord Server.

One of these rules is interesting,you are very funny!
So for all guys planning on doing bad stuff you have them covered too!

If you feel like doing something bad that is not mentioned in the rules, do not do it, as you will be braking this rule and will be banned.

Hahaha I had to add that rule to it ;)

This is indeed a good initiative, always doing more for Africa and also promoting Steemit, thanks @dragonslayer109

Thanks for sharing learning more and more as I go with steemit and steemit chat looks promising . Would love Africa on board they have a vast growth in mobile phones over the years and this can intergrate perfectly.

Woo-hoo! Thanks so much mate for making this happen! Looking forward to see the group grow bigger and the start of some new sub communities soon!
You rock mate!

Congratulations it's beautiful @dragonslayer109 . Must feel great - that is a lot of work!

Now this is what we have been waiting for. Steemit chat has been compromised by scammers.

Well done sir.

Yes there are many issues that steemit chat has but I feel it was a great start.

yes, it was indeed a great start. well done sir

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The long awaited discord group is here

Finally help is on the way

Your labour shall not be in vain

this is a wonderful idea and a great step that will really help we african's on the platform. great initiative

The place is really getting hot and rapidly growing..thanks to you @dragonslayer109 for that great effort...upped

Great work @dragonslayer109, Africans would love this for sure as discord is surely weigh smoother than

Something else: you might want to try @curiousitybot created by @gyzimo on the discord server.
You might already know about the bot but if you dont, please check it out, you'll all love it!

This is just great
bringing all africans under one room to enhance s common goal. Very nice. Keep showing us the way @dragonslayer.

I can't wait. Its good to see that the rules are fair not too on the extreme. I rep Africa! Well done @donkeyslayer109