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Well it is obvious that I do not know the best way to keep my passwords safe. So please feel free to comment bellow on your method of keeping your password safe.

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Here are the methods I used:

  1. I kept the passwords hidden in a locked folder than needed special permissions and passwords to open. This file was also hidden within my laptop to ensure that it would be extremely difficult to find and open.
  2. I had written the password on some paper and hidden it in my room where only I could find it.
  3. I had put my password on a USB that we use around the house so that I could just plug it in when I lost my password, or was using a different laptop.

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Little did I know all the flaws to the methods I had been using:

  1. Laptop breaks, or data is lost, then there would be no way to get to this folder which has the passwords in it.
  2. I moved into a new room and lost the paper. Papers can easily get lost or thrown away.
  3. Using a USB that everyone else is using can easily get lost or corrupted.

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So what is the best way?

I have been chatting to a couple of people and read some comments about methods they have been using. Having multiple ways to store your password is a great idea. But the problem with this is what if someone gets hold of one of those passwords?

We at least have the account recovery system on steemit to help get back control over your account, but what if that person used that password to recover a "new" password. Therefore you wouldn't be able to do a recovery.

Your password should be treated like this:

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It must never fall into the hands of others. So what way is the best to keep it hidden. Hide a USB in a bank? Save it to the cloud? Have it in your email.

I have thought a lot about this recently and Cloud seems like one of the best options, but is it really safe there?

For many companies and websites that have valuable information or goods on them they use a 2 factor authentication.

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This is a site I cam across looking for answers. I didn't find a solution that fits what I need, don't get me wrong all the ideas were great, that is when I found This website. But I was still not satisfied with everything, what is theirs servers get hacked and all that information is leaked?

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This is when I thought of a method to hide your key that only you will be able to use it even if it is found by others.

  1. Using one of these cloud safe data security website you can sign up an account and put your password in along with some information.

So here is the idea:
Take the password (5yfRRkrhJDbomacm2lsvEdg4GyY=) make 2 copies, one to mess with and one for if you make a mistake.

  • Then get rid of a few letters inside, but before you do make sure you have the letter and the position it is.

  • 5yfRRkrhJDbomacm2lsvEg4GyY=(the letter 'd' was removed, was in position 22 and is lower-case) To make sure you have this right take the password and try sign in again.

  • Now that you know it works when you add the letter back. Add meaning to the letter, position and if it is . For example

Who was your crush in high school? Answer=Daniella

Add the number 2 to the age I was at when I lost my steemit password keys. Answer=22

I always slept on the ... bed of the bunk bed? My age at the time,8-14. Answer= lower bed

  • Make sure that these questions only you and your closest family can answer, that way if you die they will still be able to get access to your account

  • Repeat the removal of letters or number as you feel necessary and save the new password you have created with the questions (delete all answers or place them in a online word document with no heading or title, still best to delete them). Make sure that you will always be able to answer these questions or link a few extra questions to one letter you removed, so you will always have the same answer.

  • Once you have saved this information into whatever text document you feel is safe. Upload this document to the security site you have chosen (make sure it is 2 factor authentication that is required to get into your information on the website)

By doing this you can create layers of security and safety, that someone will have to dig trough, for your steemit password keys.

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I love memes and gifs!!!

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Great idea, I will try this method right away.
Thank you for this wonderful information.

Great technique @dragonslayer109 . i cannot believe this magic has always been there but i couldnt see it. Thanks for sharing this vital info with the community.I will most definitely start using this trick.


I just feel the way you felt about the post....nice idea.


im glad you do @skysystem

How about having it tattooed on your arm?


I don't think the arm would work, maybe some place else which is less visible or using a hidden inc if possible


You are so funny...tatoo indeed


It could work , cheers mike

Just use a proper, encrypted password manager such as KeePassXC and store backups of the encrypted database file on external media.

There are also services such as LastPass if you require syncing across multiple devices and a remote backup, but I prefer just local storage.

Why not just use an encrypted password manager. Back this up to cloud storage and/ or USB. Never lose your passwords again plus easy to use and pretty secure (more so than emailing them or saving in unencrypted files).


Am always curious about how to keep my password really safe...i wouldn't mind learning the method you metion from you, if there is a way you could teach me. Thnks

Most people in crypto sphere use the telegraph app. It is encrypted and has a secure chat you can use to send the password to yourself and Always have it stored there 🤗

Best way is to write on a paper. Anything digital is unsafe.


That is a pain when you need to type in that huge steemit password by hand.


But at least it is Secure. And it's just as much of a pain (or deterrent) in case someone else finds it..


What if you lose the paper so someone else finds it?


or print it off the computer and store it

Yes password in the crypto world are your vaults. Pretend it is a secret you must keep from the world. lol

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

- Albert Einstein

Good way to do it. I recently made up my mind in order to save my passwords and wrote an article about it. Maybe you check that out, too.

Thanks for info! Time for a backup :] nice meme btw...

In other words treat it like your 'precious' from Lord of The Rings! Haha

Я для хранения паролей использую банк-клиент с двойной аутентификацией через сотовый телефон. У банков серьезная защита. В банк-клиент я могу зайти с любого компьютера и смартфона, где есть интернет. Главное чтобы рядом был телефон, куда приходит sms с кодом для подтверждения.

Yes really this is a very big problem you must keep it hidden , with those ideas you can save your password and your account thank you for share this way with us , I have followed you !

Have been asking that question to myself since i joined 2 months ago,have got mine just written on a piece of paper for now,but i'm not happy with just that.Thanks for mentioning those security tips,some really good ideas,especially the final one.I can't see anyone getting past all those security steps,thanks for sharing.

I also mail it to someone I really trust and make a mail that makes no sense and in a way I know Mmm that is a really interesting method, I personally wouldn't trust mailing it.

Thanks dragonslayer109, great advice for newby like me. I was certainly wondering..))

Password management is a very difficult thing to do securely. I have probably 75 different passwords between all my own accounts and logins to bills and such, hobbies like steemit, and then all the websites I use at work that require logins.

It's a nightmare. I've thought about using a password manager but I don't quite trust that. Idk about the cloud. Writing stuff down on paper is a pain especially for longer more complicated passwords.

And I didn't even think about what if I die in terms of steemit lol! My steemit account is something I'd want my wife to be able to withdraw the $ from if something ever did happen to me.

I don't have a great solution unfortunately but thought I'd add my own struggle to the conversation.

This is boderline diabolical!!!

I save my password in my personal computer and my mobile as well. I use Chrome for browsing the Steemit and the oassword keep in Chrome

Excellent Article. Enjoy my upvote, & resteemed.

Hey @dragonslayer109

Wow... What a wonderful post.
Nice to meet you... Do have a lovely day ahead
from @miracle-ic

I'm now following you, feel free to follow me back.

I am using the two factor authentication and the app called LAST PASS but I'm still not convinced it's safe. Thanks for the info at the end of this post because I think it's way safer. Nice post btw

Good tips

That's a smart one there. Big man.. Steel on

great way to secure our passwords @dragonslayer109 thanks for sharing

Good tips to keep password safe thanks!!

your information is WAKE UP me

very rightly said, can't we save password with google password manager, we don't need to remember it or write in a file, it will be saved online on our space and can be retrieved anywhere and in any device

Put it in an encrypted file in a piece of software like Evernote, that way it doesn't matter where you are you can always recover your password.

Next email it to yourself (one of your other email addresses), obviously use a code so that if your mail is hacked it won't make sense to anyone. To be extra secure email it in bits to different emails.

Post it to a loved one with an instruction to keep safe until such time is needed.


Amazing idea!!

I think the best way is to keep it at more than one place..... I have it on a stick, paper and also a picture somewhere...
BUT..... My usb stick is..... I have no clue where....
The paper.... Lost it just like you.... Maybe paper has legs?
But, I also mail it to someone I really trust and make a mail that makes no sense and in a way I know how to read the code I need... maybe that is something you can do as well?
Not at all the savest thing to do but at least its how I saved my accounts... Not steemit btw...


Wow this sounds a great way.

But, I also mail it to someone I really trust and make a mail that makes no sense and in a way I know how to read the code I need... maybe that is something you can do as well?

I will have to try this method.


Mmm that is a really interesting method, I personally wouldn't trust mailing it.


I have not done it with my Steem password because yeah.... But its a method... Not the safest one I am sure lol.

That is indeed a very layered way of keeping your password safe! I have a few storages, among the use of an old fashioned safe that is built into a concrete wall, I keep my Silver and Gold stash there too! Should be safe enough!

You can also generate a QR code, and keep it somewhere safe.


Lovely. Obviously, I'll end up ignoring this entire post, but thanks nonetheless.

I live to guard my Steemit password


You have now given me a real sense of how to protect my password

thanks for sharing this wonderful idea @dragonslayer109

Thanks for your information, it might really be very useful, I sent my password to my whole family on their e-mails because I am old and forget stuff. Been writing down where I put things, then can not remember where. LOL

Sorry about the loss of the passwords and the inconvenience caused.
The methods you initially used are the methods i am usually using!

I am using cloud storage and also a USB drive with a disguising folder name.
I also included some numbers at the start and end of password to disguise it.

I will have to use that method you have suggested of replacing and twisting the password with security questions.
It needs a strong method though!


Just make sure each time you take a letter out that you check it.

@dragonslayer109 upvoted,,,kindly see my post..your upvote is very much appreciated..thanks and more power to you..and thanks by supporting also your followers..

thank you..

You're absolutely correct @dragonslayer109 ! Passwords which are a means of providing top security for valuable things like sensitive information or even hardware should also be given maximum protection by being kept very safe and secure no matter what. No one would want such a treasure to fall into the wrong hands. Well spoken!

yeah i like to keep it safe thanks for sharing about it :)

Great information you have my upvote on this.

Creative idea. I need to try it out. Thanks

This is actually a pretty smart idea. I can see you put a lot of thought into this. Keep up great posts @dragonslayer109. 😌

Wow. Such a nice suggestion. Haven't paid attention to this for sale while. Gonna take necessary steps now. Thanks

This will help a lot of people to keep their password safe. Thank you for your contribution. Steemians Ask Not What Steemit Can Do For You But What You Can Do For Steemit

just when I thought keepikeeping my password on my phone was the safest, I see this. I will go try some other ways out. Informative post @dragonslayer

Many things can go wrong, take the safest route and you have given some great tips here thanks @dragonslayer109

Thank you for such an informative post. @dragonslayer109. This is helpful thanks a bunch. :)

I could not believe am reading this here, i just thought of similar idea a week back, but my problem is i have so many different password to different accounts. Wouldn't i screw things up in the future, or maybe i should create a master password. A key that opens all. Thumbs up

This is a brilliant idea indeed! I have doubts on password change though as soon as steemit confirms one's account! Should I still change as you have mentioned, first password gets entered in, in order to change!