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A few weeks back I put out a post and had a couple of replies on what topics I should talk about. One of the comments was pretty cool and I decided why not do this more often.

So If you want me to talk about something, give me the topic and I will post about it.

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@vm290454 asked me this:
"It would be great to hear about your Steemit journey - Did you start out as a newbie or came in as part of developers. How was your experience - what joys or frustrations you encountered etc."

From small beginnings (part 1): by @dragonslayer109

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I began as a humble lurker, going through posts and some times I would leave a comment. I had done this for about a month, maybe more, before I put up my first post.

Back when I first joined there was about 3000 users and you were lucky to see a new post out every 15 minutes. Posting was a lot easier, but there were no real rules or strict things on what to do and what not to do, you also had to go and find the information you needed. Now everything is pretty simple and well laid out.

There were no payouts and everyone was really excited for the 4th of July, that is when I got my first payout. My family had been giving me a lot of grief about steemit and told me I was wasting my time. Even though I got my first payout, they were still on me, but this time they wanted the money in my bank account.

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Oh how amazing it felt to have that money finally in my bank account, it was really real. My family slowly started to join, my dad and I were the only members that were on at the time.

The Great Hack!

This was the worst experience ever, I had just created a wonderful idea to help others out (The daily pick of hidden gems) when I was unable to access my account. All my SBD had been transfused out of my account and all I had left was the Steem power.

It became bad, I began to have withdrawal symptoms, steemit was my addiction and now it was taken away. Days started to go past and my frustration grew. The day that my account was recovered was the happiest day of my life.

Everything after that faded into a bluer, each day on steemit was normal and I was testing out different strategies of posting. New HF's came through and the excitement on the platform grew, but something unexpected happened.

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Steems price started to drop, depression started to fill the air as all the posts decreased in value. I even started to become depressed and wrote less and less. Many people left, many of my friends left and so did most of my family.

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I sunk into a shell of loneliness, not commenting or curating, only the odd post every now and then. Everything seemed very gloomy, the price kept going down , with no sign of ever going up again.

Steem price sat at $0.05. Many people were lucky to even get 2 dollars on posts. Thus the whale experiment began and things started to brighten up, the price even started to rise... but steemit had a surprise for us.

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HF 18, the dreaded HF. Everything went down, posts got very little to noting. This lasted for quite some time and more people left. About 3 weeks later things started to pick up again and people started to return to the platform.

HF19 has been the best HF that this platform has ever seen. I have been here for over a year, almost as long as steemit has existed and I will not trade a single day. Steemit has been my best experience and teacher.

Just on a little side note for self improvement. I will be doing pushups, situps and squats for the amount of $$$ (ratio;$1:1) I earn on this post and will give a short feedback every day at the end of each post. This will be split in equally between all 3. Any not done will carry onto the next day.

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Seems like your self-improvement topic would be interesting (also motivate you to succeed)


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Imagine me!! Same time last year i was lost in something i felt was a financial revolution not knowing not believing it was a ponzi scheme, MMM the dreaded ponzi scheme that hit Nigeria last year.

Steemit is still at it pioneering stage with less than 300k users right now, someday me too will write my story this way even though am just 2days old here and i trust the world will stand still and read my story because am here to conquer.

Thank you @dragonslayer109 for not relenting, you guys made this possible for we to come on board now, amazing story by the way


Glad to have you here on steemit, without every user there would be no steemit and community.


Thank you



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I love your idea for self improvement at the end. I'm totally going to steal this idea and start doing situps, pushups, and squats. It will give me a solid, daily goal! Thanks @dragonslayer109


Would be nice to see more people getting involved in this

Nice post, thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing your starting story with Steemit @ dragonslayer109! It is really very inspiring for many of us here, you had the courage and patience to keep going despite the ups and downs!
Perseverance and hard work surely pays in the end!


It has all been a ride, but really great and I would not trade any of the experiences I had

I think I might have told you before, or maybe not but I'll tell you again, you are an inspiration for a new Steemian like me. I've been here one week only and had my share of ups and downs and depressive moments already. This write up from you inspires to move forward no matter what.


Thank you. I hope to see you around in the future :)


I sure hope you do 😁

I like your idea, at least it can be a reference for me. Thank you, greetings from Aceh

Cool creation sir @dragonslayer. Respect sir.
How you can done it all. Clever ide. Thanks for sharing sir.

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

I like this idea! Are you familiar with Goldmoney?


Nope I am not familiar with it.

Wooow.. Interesting info, amazing, good job.
thanks for sharing!!!!

I really like your post. Hope I can always follow your next post
Your post make me happy @dragonslayer109

Write something about ITIL @dragonslayer109

@dragonslayer109 - Thank you for noting my suggestion about doing a blog on your journey on Steemit. I am overwhelmed to read your experience. What a struggle, roller-coaster ride of joy and frustration! I must say Kudos on sticking it out through all that. It is people like you that set examples for us newcomers. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Upvoted.

I request you to visit my latest blogs when you have some free time. You valuable comments and feedback will be very much appreciated. Thanks


Well hope to have a few new friends riding with me. :)

I don't think I'll quickly forget the 'dark' days. $2 would have made me very happy during some of those days


Oh yes, I was super happy when I got $1 :)

A rather dramatic experience. It looks like u'r very stubborn. :3

Thank you so much for these wonderful posts. In an imperfect world, you bring beauty and joy to your followers!
voted and folowed wish you the same @funnystuff .I tried some poetry hope you like

A splendid journey! I wouldn't give up any of the experience either even the dark times!!


The dark times were the funniest times


It is funny you say that but there was a certain freedom in the air. People were free of worrying about rewards and for the most part were genuinely posting for the heck of it!

Interesting chronicle. You have had a lot experience on steemit. Good following you. I have learnt to stay put even at most difficult time here.

Awesome post mr.dragonslayer !
I want to see dragons ahahah

Nice post

Ha ha ha :))

I also like your ideas for self-improvement and exercising at the end. A great way to get motivated.

Everyone has their own stories, there are happy and there is sad. Just like me, is currently looking for the best formula to build quality posts. I will not give up even though the fee I get is also very little.

As always great post - My journey in short - I joined about 6 weeks back , I try and post every day, still have no idea what I am doing or what I am suppose to do to get more votes , or am I doing things right?? But most of all I enjoy Steemit and think this is an amazing community. Love the ideas of situps and push ups - I will be cheering from the side but will not be joining hahahaha - I tend to skip exercise - I know I know not good at all

Pls kindly Resteem any of my post, i really need to get somewhere. thanks