steemit user "@patrice" abuses his bot "mack-bot" to downvote EVERY selfvote from me on every comment!steemCreated with Sketch.

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

Im a selfvoter. shame on me yes.

But after a couple of downvotes from mack-bot from his owner @patrice. I called him to stop downvoting every comment from me. Even on regular comments.

But he didnt. Hes even AUTO downvoting EVERY selfvote from me.

Is this really intendet and the future on steemit? People auto bot downvoting them?

My only responce is to downvote him too? What a stupid mechanic is this when peole can abuse bot mechanics to downvote every comment / selfvote from a user.

Its not against the rules and my free decision to selfvote but he is abusing this mechanic.


I will post this every day until something changes

I don't care if you self vote. Others will flag you for it if they disagree with it - but you hide it under nested comment spam on your posts - sometimes older posts?

I asked you before - stop comment farming and creating spam and I'll remove you from the bot. You're answer was basically you'd do whatever you wanted.

Seems like you post spam as well.

like i can sayd. Its my decision to selfvote its not against the rules. And im note spamming im making in own blog and putting ther my own comments to selfvote. But you are auto downvoting every comment on me. Even regular ones. you are here the abuser using a bot to Auto downvote EVERYTHING what i comment and selfvotel wich again is not against the rules!

i even upvotet EVERY content i liked and wrote a heart with a selfvote. And did alot selfvotes in on blog where no one was reading. Like the one you postet above.

this cant be the future of steemit. people getting into a hate ware with downvotes. Nothing good can came up from this.

im on your site dowha, its nothing wrong with selfvote. If these guys don't see it that way, i mean there are just 2 options. Take your money out of steemit or downvote in return. Maybe it will need a little networking so they can enjoy the flags even more.

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