steemit user "@patrice" abuses his bot "mack-bot" to downvote EVERY selfvote from me on every comment!

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

Im a selfvoter. shame on me yes.

But after a couple of downvotes from mack-bot from his owner @patrice. I called him to stop downvoting every comment from me. Even on regular comments.

But he didnt. Hes even AUTO downvoting EVERY POST!! + selfvote from me.

Is this really intendet and the future on steemit? People auto bot downvoting them?

My only responce is to downvote him too? What a stupid mechanic is this when people can abuse bot mechanics to downvote EVERY Post and comment and selfvote from a user?

Its not against the rules and my free decision to selfvote but he is abusing this mechanic with his bot.


I will post this every day and downvote him back as much i can until something changes

I have the same problem. @patrice has not responded to my comments (other than to flag them as spam). I have contacted a legal firm that specialise in no win no fee class actions, if you are interested in persuing a class action against @patrice, please contact me.

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