managed to design mixer / 设法搅拌机

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Hi steemians...🤔

Earlier this year me and my colleagues have managed to design a mixer that spent a month more today is ready for the silence. ![image]() This is the result of research showing that in some time not may be arbitrary people, in order to maintain the comfort of having just finished. still in a period of silence, about one more new magazine we publish to the needy at the wedding or other event ......! ![image]() I and my colleagues have agreed to once rent for 600,000 thousand ready to receive on the spot, and there we kirem one guard to guard the use of one of us, because this is not a common object is our personal objects actually spend money amounting to 18,000,000 million. Our target within one year we take that initial capital is our target. I am running with the Audacity app.

for us are still a little confused 😕 maybe from steemians friends there who really understand about this can stay a message in the form of input criticism and suggestions for me desperately need to do perfect results ..... 😁🙏.hi hi hi.

Initially I was interested in this after talking a lot with a colleague who had long manage the mixser, at the beginning I doubt even the slightest intention to do something by issuing capital at its inception. I imagine this does not work automatically my big losses. not long afterwards I went again to the colleague's house for further discussion. then I take the conclusion to try..!

Though I still have to learn a lot to find the optimal setting, I am sure everything will be done with our own conviction.

             *Best regards steemians good luck*

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也许从那些真正了解这个的ste friends朋友那里可以留下一条消息,以输入的批评和建议亟待我做出完美的结果.. hi.hi hi hi。



# @dorsuwa-photography *Best regards steemians good luck*
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